Adult Hurling League 9 (AHL9) 2018


Cuala won by about 12.


Wild geese 5-20 kilmacud 3-7


Isles beat Realt to win their first league match in over a year that was not a walkover


The Geese are flying!


They got a good preseason done. Isles lent them their facilities at the beginning of the year


Doing good. First year having a second team in a league. Both scoil and cuala are way above everyone else in this.


Great to see. Where are you picking up players? New developments in the area resulting in new adults, or underage?


Underage. We had a few minor teams the past few years.


Great to see. Progressing up from the bottom league will create a great bond.


Our first team are in div 8 and are top of it. Hopefully get promoted to div 7.


Pats beat crokes by 6.


Wild geese beat na fianna on mon.


O’Dwyers 4-14 Realt Dearg 1-10


Fair play to Realt Dearg for fielding 3 teams. I noticed their 1st was making progress last year but all 3 seem to be lingering around the bottom of their leagues this season. Is their model sustainable? No underage and they don’t play in their their catchment area.


good to see dwyers getting a few wins, they nearly went under last year


Is that their only hurling team at adult?


yes, were operating in much higher divisons maybe 10 years back I reckon they were in div5 at one stage. John OLeary played a lot of hurling with Dwyers in his time


Yeah I played against his brother. They had a decent Junior team at the time. Was it Declan? I remember going out there many years ago before the motorway was built. It was a tight enough game and O’Dwyers brought on a mad auld lad with a beard to mark me. He ran onto the pitch screaming … It was my first and last game there :joy::joy::joy:


:joy::joy: Class!

I didn’t know O’D had a hurling team at all!


Togged out myself for first game of hurling since minor or maybe even U16. Bit of crack.

Realt Dearg were struggling for numbers given their 3 teams being out but fair play to them for making the game.

Brother is Dennis