Adult Hurling League 9 (AHL9) 2018


Yeah 3rd team. Made up mainly of senior citizens and parents of juveniles who have never played before


Am impressed by this all the same


I’ve no affiliation with this particular Cuala team - but understand that between lads coming back, and 3 minor teams last year, that they have big numbers this season. They’ve put out a 4th team which has to start from lowest league.


Pats beat Wild Geese


Beat clontarf by 12 or 13 points

Very strong team
To strong for this level


I know one of the Cuala lads and he said they have a few older lads back playing this year who just want to play hurling, probably wrong group but that is the system.


As they were mostly young lads on there team on Sunday.

Also that is there 4th team .
The standard of hurling from them was great
But again they are to high a standard for this level .

Wish them well in the competition
Can’t see anybody beating them at this level


They set up a third team about 5-years ago and it started in AHL 9 too I think. It has since been promoted every year (won most years) and is now up in Division 5 and top of the table there. Their second team is top in Division 4 also. They must have a Hurler Factory out there at present, no small-mid sized club can compete with the amount of good young players they are churning out at the moment. They have quantity and quality.


I think that team were also relegated one year as the next team up failed to fulfil a couple of fixtures.


Wild geese beat erins isle


Pats got walkover from fingallians