Adult Hurling League 8 (AHL8) 2018


Wild geese 5-10. RD 2-4 or thereabouts


Commericals 1-14 Lucan 4-9


Wild geese 3-21. Joeys 3-9

That win for us secures the league


Commericals 2-13 Erin go Bragh 0-2


Wild geese 4-9. bsj 1-5. That’s 13 out of 13 for us.


congrats wild gesse
well done great to see you move up the divisions


Yeah… they’re flying it.


Joeys beat Td by 9 in the playoff final yesterday. Joeys had 17 togged out but only wanted to play with 14, we’re made play 15 in the end. Was only 3 in it at half time . They Brought on a sub no17 who would get a game most senior teams in dublin, must be great to have the luxury of a sub like that in division 8. :roll_eyes: Enda phelan?


They also tried that in the league decider against us. Had 3 or 4 lads on the line.


Ye then kicked up a fuss when told to play 15, unbelievable! Especially when their best player by a mile was one of the subs


I always undeestood anything from Div 6 down was 13 a side for league and only 15 if both sides agree


Only if you don’t have the numbers. If both teams have enough for 15 a side then it’s to be 15 a side