Adult Hurling League 8 (AHL8) 2017


Game abandoned I believe. Both teams lose points?


There was an ’ argument’ Could see if from the sideline of our game on a different pitch at same venue


Who won the argument :eyes:


Hard to tell. Looked like a royal rumble.


Lusk beat trinity
Pereguins beat the geese…


Peregrines beating geese is a surprise…


Trinity won yesterday 1-16 to 2-16


Lucan gave walkover against trinity


Wild geese 3-18, syls 10 points.

Realt Dearg beat lusk too


Strange a team in the playoffs gives a walkover? Is that the second walkover Lucan have given?. If that is? Do they still go into playoffs?


If it’s a 2nd their relegated and out of contention as far as I know. Would be very surprised if that’s the case. They’re a handy side would be an awful shame.


Good result for Realt Dearg.


No 1st walkover.


Who won league? Geese or NGO


Nga league to lose. They have the head to head over us.


Ah i see.sure you’ll give it a good rattle in playoffs.tough matches


Poor way to win the leauge if u ask me


If they win their last game they go above us as they have more points.


NGO haven’t lost a game* in the league and had one match voided.

IMHO they were the best team I played against this year, I played them twice and both time they won well.

*RT Lusk might have something to say on this


Nga were awarded the game that was abandoned