Adult Hurling League 7 (AHL7) 2019


Yes depends who they tog out, I don’t tink they know themselves until champo comes around.


Majority of them lads played last Sunday. Missing their number 14 who is a good player. Certainly recognised a lot of them.


Joeys and Lusk called off tomorrow, Fairview pitch unplayable…


It’s unplayable at most times of the year…


Should switch to Lusk so


Trinity won by a point


Pitch is closed unfortunately, we’ll do it again during sunnier times!


O’Tooles 1-11 Geese 1-9


Trinity 3-16 R.T.C 2-09


RTL 8-14 O’Tooles 0-15

Only 13 a side, O’Tooles were short plenty so just a bad day for them, they’re decent so will take points off teams, O’Brien at full forward went to town for us, 4-6 from play…


O’Tooles should not be loosing by that score, end of story… Something wrong somewhere!!


O tooles beat us last week and were very strong
Somethings a miss here.


Sure didn’t I just say, they only had thirteen, clearly they were short plenty!


When is this O’Brien fella getting the call up by Mattie Kenny?


As soon as he picks the colour for his 191 D Subaru Forrester!

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What’s going on with joeys?? We got a image of a facebook status update from their page to our inbox asking us to share it?? Won’t name the lad who shared it, but can honestly say we haven’t a breeze who it is???


Seen it myself. Was deleted fairly quick from their fb.




Deleted by the fella they were talking about i imagine. From the things I’ve heard he has the club in ruins. No wonder it has come to that!


Obviously came from someone in the football side of things!