Adult Hurling League 7 (AHL7) 2018


Thanks! Jeez that’s a bit harsh, gonna be a dogfight for those positions so by the looks of it…


Any score from Mearnog V Brendans? Only result missing!


Brendans got a walkover


That’s Mearnogs 2nd walkover. Is that them gone? Setanta gone already. I’m assuming no relegation playoff required in AHL7 this year?


Might depend on the type of walkovers, some get the rubber stamping of the board. I think Setanta pulled themselves out but could be wrong.


Trinity 2-18
Round towers lusk 1-8


Trinity on a roll. Were they missing players at start of League?


Mearnóg out of League too now so looks like automatic relegation for them and Setanta


Raheny bet Barrog by a good few this evening


Anyone know who won between Brigids and Jude’s last night?


Judes won


Judes beat NGO.


There are no games this weekend right?


Isles are playing Trinity Gaels on Saturday


any result from raheny and lusk


Raheny won well


Does anyone know how the play offs work this year? Is it 2nd and 3rd play off or 2semi-finals ??


Top team go straight up and 2nd v 3rd playoff with winners promoted.