Adult Hurling League 5 (AHL5) 2018


I thought that rule was only for championship and league went on score difference?

  1. For the purposes of Rules 6.21(4)© / 6.38 T.O. 2017 the following shall apply to all League/
    Championships, Leagues and Cups run on a league basis;
    When teams finish on equal league points for Qualification for the concluding stages, or for promotion
    or Relegation, the tie shall be decided by the following means and in the order specified;
    (i) Where two teams only are involved – the procedures as outlined in Rule 6.21 (4) © T.O. 2017 shall
    (ii) Where more than two teams are involved – Scoring difference (subtracting the total scores against
    from the total scores for) of the games where the teams tied on points played each other only. In the
    event that a team involved in a tie consisting of more than two teams had their finishing points total
    affected by a loss of points against that team on a proven objection, forfeiture of points for breach of
    rule / regulation, or by loss of points for failing to fulfil a fixture, that team shall not be included in any
    play-off and shall deemed to have finished in last place in whatever means is used to decide the tie. The
    procedures outlined in Rule 6.21 (4) © T.O. 2017 shall then be used to separate the remaining teams in
    the tie.


Cheers Ger D :+1:


Skerries 1-16 Plunketts 0-17


Great game last night and what you would expect from essentially league semi final. Best of Luck in the final hopefully yea beat Cuala in the final. Less said about the ref last night the better without a doubt the worst I have ever come across in all my years playing and watching games.


BSJ 2-22 Whitehall C. 0-6

BSJ league winners in Div 2 and Div 5 .


Cuala 4-21 Skerries 0-15 In playoff today for promotion to Div 4.


two cuala teams in AHL4 in 2019 so?


Looks like it.


Did Marks not beat them


My bad actually, right you are.