Adult Hurling League 4 (AHL4) 2018


Would I be correct in saying that the make up of the league remains in the same as it has been for the past few years

1st - Automatic Promotion
2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th - Playoffs
11th & 12th Automatic Relegation


St. Marks 5-20 v 2-17 St. Vincent’s FT.


I think its changed to 1st automatic promotion with 2nd and 3rd into promotion playoff only. I could be wrong!


Crokes 0-11 Na Fianna 2-20


thats correct


Is that in all Adult Leagues?


In AHL 2 and all leagues below the top team shall be declared the league winner and shall be promoted… The 2nd and 3rd placed teams shall play-off with the winner also promoted. The bottom team in each league shall be relegated. The 2nd and 3rd last teams in each league shall play-off with the loser also relegated. Relegation does not apply to the lowest league.

From this years adopted CCC regs


Thanks a lot


Another win for St Maurs. They are going well. I wonder what has created the X factor?


St. Judes 2-07 v 4-10 St. Marks FT.


No X factor, we had always struggled getting young teams into the adult section. Now for a few years in a row, we have be able to keep adding to the panel, based around the minor division 2 team from a few years ago.


How did Vinnies Cuala go?


Ye had a nice Feile team last year with a young Kingston of Cork heritage on the squad. Will be interesting to see how he develops. Hopefully it’ll be a positive one.


They have a former Cork Intermediate Inter-County player with them this year, Olann Kelleher I believe is his name. From reading match reports he is running the show & scoring a lot from Centre-Forward.


Yeah he is definitely a standout player for them


Yeah, he can Hurl


Anyone hear if St. Vincent’s v Cuala game was played or not and the result?


I heard Vincent’s conceded the game,
Unable to field apparently.


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Sorry @tayto, but it’s a few years since Monica’s played hurling (sadly)… Wrong thread!