Adult Hurling League 4 (AHL4) 2017


Cuala 1.9 Boden 0.14


Bray gave a walkover


Plunketts gave Judes a walkover as well. I think that’s their 2nd walkover so means they are gone?


Yeh their gone so


Any point of Bray being in thmis league. Not really if it clashes with their championship, then other teams get a bad beating off them when they can play


How does relegation work ? Bottom two ? PLay off?


Bottom 2, plunketts gone already


and bray one walkover away


Has this happened with Bray in other years?


Yes I believe it has. At full strength I would imagine Bray would walk this division, good enough for 3 poss higher. I know they are missing there county players at the start of the league. Bit unfair, they give us (maurs ) a clipping, then hand a walkover


Yeh exact same happened last year.


Any results from the weekend?


Anyone know the result of the Boden Vinnies game? Walkover was it?


Any other reuslts lads? Bray ? Or where they all at the airshow again




Any more results from the weekend lads?


Maurs 1-12 Boden 0-11
Maurs deserved it. Better team in the second half.


Finnians 1-10 Boden 6-17


Congrats to Fingallians on winning the league


Na fianna fav’s to go up with them? They are in the inter final too although maybe not the exact same squad