Adult Hurling League 3 (AHL3) 2019


Good performance by Peregrines though it seems. Is he who makes great Hurls back playing?


Full forward today


#14 - the bonus for sorting the lads out with their Hurls :wink:


In fairness lethal with the dead ball , that was an awful injury last year , a very good player in Div three and will get better this year as there’s s decent spread of talent within the squad taking a bit of pressure off just my opinion


Whats up with this score? Was it Kevins U14s Boden were playing


In fairness to the Kevin’s U14s they are a decent side :joy:. That was Ballybodens 2nd side so I’d expect them to be strong at the start of the year… not that strong though.


Was that correct score for Kevins surely not?


Shane Ryan still playing with Mearnog?


No idea. He was 2 yrs ago…assume he’d be fairly fit but late 30s.


He played in 2018 also




Id say in his 40s at this stage


Parnells & Kevins drew this afternoon. Decent enough game but a draw probably the fair result over both halves.


Mearnog beat Pats 3.14 0.11


Peregrines beat Clontarf 2-12 to 1-17


Maurs Boden was called off


Heard crokes beat castleknock, if I’ve heard correctly Crokes sending out a single as a team to beat


In fairness Sneakers called Crokes and Towers as the teams to be there or thereabouts and he seems on the money so far . Wonder how his horse racing knowledge is with Cheltenham on the horizon …


Love any club team to win bar a second team , could be disappointed at the moment Crokes looking strong


They will probably weaken as the year goes on as more players are called up to the first team and J1s kick in