Adult Hurling League 3 (AHL3) 2019


Where they not minor transfers?


No idea. I didn’t see the list.


First fixtures out allways a sign worst of winter is behind us :tired_face:looking at the teams and bearing in mind games from last year most obvious competitive sides crokes and castleknock, I’d keep an eye on maurs they were a very decent outfit with a few development players in last couple of years I think they can be competitive, can’t wait for first game v castleknock


Most of Castleknock’s big Hurling wins over the past 5-Years came with Ciaran Kilkenny playing. I could be corrected on this but I don’t think he played in their Senior B Qtr Final last year which they lost which probably tells you a lot about where Hurling sits right now in Castleknock vs. the Football.


They lost 5-6 key Hurlers to football two years ago.


He didn’t play in the the championship quarter final which they lost to TD
He did play in the Promotion play off which they also lost to TD


Td beat them well with and without Kilkenny in playoff and champ quarters. He ll generally pick up 4/5 points for them but not that much of a game changer. they will come good again, 2/3 Minor teams every year with plenty of talent and underage Dublin lads. Would be surprised not to see them go straight back up.


4/5 points per game is a significant contribution but I know what you mean. They will probably come good again alright but I saw them as potential Senior A in the making a few years ago.


I think they ll get there within 3/4 years once they develop all those underage players correctly. They had 50+ minors last year or the year before , crazy numbers.


Looking forward to this weeks local derby peregrines v castleknock, the knocks footballers tabled a motion of intent this weekend expecting their hurlers to try and lay down a marker also , wonder if any of their minors from last year have made the leap up to div 3 side


Parnells got no luck with the draw considering they are trying to keep the show alive. Crokes second team will be very strong this time of year.