Adult Hurling League 3 (AHL3) 2018


What is going wrong at Peregrines


Prob pumped all resources into vinnys football empire😉


Was thinking the same myself. In fairness though the top 4 are handing out some heavey beatings on the rest. There appears to be 3 groups emerging with Round Towers, Ballyboden, St Sylvester’s, Thomas Davis way ahead then Castleknock, Naomh Mearnóg and Kevin’s then the rest … Clontarf sprang a few suprises last year so will be interesting to see where they land. Most likely in that middle grouping.


Any result from Castleknock V Boden tonight


None yet. Interesting to see Clontarf drew with Towers.


Ye think that’s the first points Towers have droped in this campaign Another big win for Thomas Davis Their puting up some big scores lately


Boden 5-9 Cknock 0-9


Commercials have been struggling since 2010 have been in or around the lower end of Div3 most years. Had 5 on Dublin senior team at one stage probably 20 years ago now.Club neglected underage for many years and I suppose you reap what you sow. That has changed now and underage is thriving and its a case of trying to keep the adult team going as far up the leagues as possible until the good juvenile teams come of age.

Had a good win on Saturday over Fingallians so have some points on the board. Very tight at the bottom but top 5/6 are miles ahead of the bottom half and the results reflect that. In years gone by in Div3 most teams were of the same level and anyone could beat anyone on the day but that has changed now.

Surprised at St Pats, whats gone on there


Looks like the Top 4 dominance has been eaten into tonight with losses for Towers and Davis and wins for Mearnog and Castleknock.


Clontarf also beat Boden by a point.

Good night for our lads with the other results.
1-27 to 2-10 our result


Pats beat commercials


Peregrines beat Kevin’s so it looks like the top 6 are pulling away…


As ya do in hurlin’


That would put ye top of AHL3 once the meat of game is processed. Sylvester’s must be favorites for the inter championship now that Cuala AHL4 team seem to be dropping points in the lower league…


Cualas league and championship team would be two different animals I’d imagine.


Possibly, but I suspect they would have been stronger at the start of the year due to regrading. By the sounds of things they may have used some players during the season on the first squad (which would be normal for any club). Not sure how it works these days but in old money if you played 3 league games for a higher graded team you lost your status on the lower grades team in both league and championship. Syls seem to be flying it in AHL3 and I think a lot of the top 4 team are in Senior B. Naomh Mearnog are Junior A as they got relegated from championship last year.


Rules these days are if you play 4 games in league you are gone for lower level teams in league. 1 game in championship and you are gone.

Boden, towers, TD, Castleknock and Pats all in Senior B


Clontàrf to go senior b this year
They should be watched in this league also could sneak a playoff position .
Just saying


Will watch that with interest. Need to beat Marks to qualify from their championship group. And are 5 points off playoff places in the league with 4 games to play. Not totally impossible


I have seen Clontarf play a few times this season. Not a bad side, very athletic, but Senior B would be far too big of a step-up IMO. Having Paddy Smyth back is obviously huge in this division but play-off is #2 and 3 only this year and again looks a step too fat this year IMO.