Adult Hurling League 3 (AHL3) 2017


Id expect Thomas Davis to win that league next season. I know Pats and Castleknock are coming down but Davis seem to be developing some good minor and juvenile hurling teams over the last few years. May not be winning A championships but that doesn’t count for much at adult level as Cuala have proven. Have reached the Minor B final this season despite being in division 3 and won the 16s B championship. They won a 21s B championship a couple of years back so the age profile of the team would be good. @allaboutchampo would know more about that than I would.

As for the difference between AHL 2 and 3 a lot depends on who is available for what teams. Lucan are currently in AHL 2. If they had their full compliment of players they should be wiping the floor with the likes of Isles and the rest. But I recall them losing to Crokes second team in the league and Crokes were taking players from their third team during their third teams match with Isles. Castleknock lost their dual players to football as far as I know and that would be a major reason for them being relegated. Pats playing without Rushe suffered. I think Barrog lost a few of their AHL 3 league winning team and it held them back.


Boden Inters have many more lads moving down the levels than moving up the levels. Not a young team. Will be very few, if any, of them moving up. Don’t know where a lot of the young lads are gone in the club tbh. Many lads gave a commitment at the start of the year and just disappeared.
The lads that were part of the top 4 teams being in the top 4 divisions in recent times are finished or close to it. Very little has come through to replace these.
Things will start to pick up again in the next few years.


I was talking about moving up to give the B’s a dig out this weekend. Very few, if any, will move up on a permanent basis I would imagine.


Gotcha !!


At a level to where it could be competing again in co finals? It was only last year where Boden got the closest to beating Cuala and then beat them this year in first game.


Sylvestres one up at half time vs. Scoil


Scoil won by 2


Towers 2.9 Boden 0.10


Davis have a numerous amount of young talent so I’d fancy them to be challenging next year alongside castleknock and whoever loses the play off final


Scoil ui chonaill win 1-09 to 11


Vs towers?


Yeah, Scoil goal was the last puck of the game, free from slightly over 21 yards


Congrats to Scoil and to Bart as well I’m sure he’s sipping on the Bollingers tonight.

Some lads doing great work down there and will look forward to playing them next year.


You have to feel for Towers. Losing automatic promotion on head to head and then losing the playoff with the last puck of the game.

Congrats to Scoil


Readily available in Vincent’s clubhouse?


thats sport mr sneakers


Jaysus must be early 90s since scoil were D2 is it?


Definitely there in late 90s. Had a lad on the Dublin team at the time. Can’t remember his name.


Don’t think it was the late 90s. I remember playing them in Division 5 in 98


Scoil seemed to have benefited greatly from the Isles of the Sea amalgamation. They seem to be a young enough team. I am not sure how many imports they have. I am pretty sure i heard a few accents the day Isles played them. @TheLoneRanger might be able to tell us if they have many.

Great progress being made over the past number of seasons