Adult Hurling League 3 (AHL3) 2017


isles had 27 togged out in county final thats not far off 30 , and im sure you have a few more who where not available for county final .


30 Oct


Finglas Erins Isle-St Peregrines Damien Burnett

I see the county board has allowed U21 games to be played anytime between tomorrow and the following Wednesday due to the senior county final taking place. This fixture and the Leinster fixture ensures we will not be able to field a 21 team. Shame really when you are trying to get lads back doing a bit of hurling and road blocks are put up


Thanks for posting team. Some nice hurlers in that Isles team. Best of luck in Leinster.


Isles beat Peregrines 5-19 to 0-9 to win the league


Great year so far Sneakers. Great to see.


Well done to all involved with Isles. Best team we played this year - best of luck with the Leinster campaign.

On an aside – the league fixture of Scoil v Boden is down on DCB website for this Sunday along with top 4 playoff fixture between same sides. Anyone know what that is all about?


Top 4 won’t be decided until the league fixture is fulfilled next Sunday.

If Scoil Ui Chonaill win they play Sylvesters in play off. Round Towers V Ballyboden.
If Ballyboden win they will play Scoil again in playoff! Towers V Syls.


fair play to isles hope they go on and win Leinster


Some celebrations there @sneakersotoole :joy:


Scoil beat Boden today so playoff pairings are Towers v Boden and Scoil v Syls.

Would many of Boden first team be eligible for this considering their season is over?


Belated congrats to Isles. Good to see them back in AHL2 where they belong. They’ll have a big say in it next year I reckon


Boden B struggling big time at the moment. Only had the bare 15 last week & thats with the Snr. A’s finished their year. Will be more likely to get Inter players moving up than any players coming down.


Looking at some of the teams that in AHL 2 next season it is going to be a tough season for everyone. As tough a second division that is possible. I expect Towers to go up also. If they don’t it would be a kick in the teeth.

Playing in AHL 2 should help Isles when competing in the Inter championship


It’s a very tough league

I think this year was possibly the toughest league on paper in which we’ve played in it with 4 Senior A sides and the rest Senior B.


Massive difference between AHL 2 & 3. The reality is of the 2 teams who finished top of AHL 3, one was playing Jnr. Championship & the other didn’t win a match in the Snr. B Championship.


But Thomas Davis who finished mid table AHL3 beat Raheny in playoff to represent Dublin in Leinster!!


True. I don’t know what happened Davis’s at the start of the year, they lost their first 3/4 League Games in a row which pretty much wrote off the League for them.


I wouldn’t look too much into one game tbh.

I’m not taking away anything from Davis that night but we were poor, we conceded 2-8 in the first half and then gave away only 1-5 for the remaining 50 minutes and only got beaten by a point after extra time and the game was played on an astro with Davis having a slighter better advantage than us playing on that type of surface.


Point taken but I still don’t think difference is that massive. I would say that it is the same as most other divisions in that the top half teams in AHL3 could beat bottom half teams in AHL2 on any given day and vice versa… .


The difference is consistency as if teams can do it regularly they’d be in ahl 2 and winning their own league.