Adult Hurling League 3 (AHL3) 2017


Am I right in saying that Commercials are safe as they beat both Brigids and Mearnog?


Pretty sure they confirmed safety after beating brigids


Interesting league this year with all to play for still going into the last couple of matches at both top and bottom.Round Towers, Erins Isle or Scoil could all win the league and top 4 playoffs are also still open, Its all down to the last 1 or 2 matches especially the Towers v Scoil final match. If Scoil win IHC semi tomorrow, this league may take a while to wrap up. AHL 4 is similar with league winner to be decided in the final match between Fingallians and Nafianna.


07 Oct


Portmarnock Naomh Mearnog-Kilmacud Crokes Kevin Roche
Broomfield St Sylvesters-Erins Isle Tom Tansey

Interesting game in Portmarnock. Loser goes down. Mearnog should be safe if they win as they beat Brigids and id expect Peregrines to pick up at least 2 points from their last 3 games


Am I right in saying brigids will be relegated along with crokes if mearnogs beat crokes (presuming peregines pick up one win in there last 3 games )


If Crokes win, Brigids and Mearnog’s go down should be a good match out in Portmarnock.


That’s my thinking on it. As Commercials beat Brigids they stay up on head to head. Plus Brigids have to beat Peregrines to get to 7 points


Crokes second team have no game tomorrow so I am sure they will have as many eligible players out with their AHL 3 team tomorrow


Would fancy Mearnogs to stay up, looking at there results they seem to be losing most games by very little


Mearnog beat Crokes and Isles beat Syls


Ref ruined a decent game out in Portmarnock. Blew up crazy decisions for both teams. Was reduced to nearly a non contact sport at times. Mearnogs deserved winners, better on the day.


Dropped out to watch Syls V Isles. Isles were really up for it. Final score probably flattered them a bit. Syls crashed a penalty off cross bar early on. Game was in the balance mid way through second half after Syls got second goal. Isles finished much the stronger with some great points including one huge one from a side line ball.
Good luck next weekend in Leinster Sneakers!


Is it not, that if 3 teams go to equal points, then it goes to score difference, and head to head, is only if it is 2 teams?
Even with the case that Commercials beat Brigids and Mearnogs.
Should Brigids win their last game and Peregines pick up 2 points from somewhere, then it will be 3 teams on 7pts with Commercials going down on being the worst score diff???


Cheers jiltedjohn.

Was a good competitive game. Took a few minutes for both teams to get going but some good play from both teams and some fine scores. Both teams could meet again in the play-offs.


It goes to score difference of the matches between the 3 teams.

Commercials beat Brigids by 4 and Mearnog by 7 so are plus 11.
Mearnog beat Brigids by 4 and lost to Commercials by 7 - so are minus 3
Brigids lost to Commercials by 4 and Mearnog by 4 so are minus 8.

So if Brigids finish on 7 points they are still behind the other two on score difference


Thanks Sneakers.


So commercials are defiently safe ?


Yes. Based on the better scoring difference between themselves, Mearnog and Brigids


Some transformation from last year for Isles seen a bit of them last year and it wasn’t good , on course for the double some turnaround from them


No denying the last 3 years were a disaster. A league relegation and two championship relegations in those 3 years. Not too many lads the wrong side of 30 still playing and a couple of decent younger lads coming through. A good experience for them winning the junior championship.