Adult Hurling League 3 (AHL3) 2017


Big win for Commercials


Score difference might come into play in this league yet so good result for Scoil


Crokes missing all lads tied up with senior As I assume?


AHL 2 game beside it as well at the same time and they only had 16 togged there.


Sounds like they great to manage to field a team?


I remember when Isles played Crokes in AHL 3 earlier in the season. Crokes Ahl 2 team were playing at the same time on the pitch beside. The Ahl 2 team manager came down during the game and started having an argument with the Ahl 3 manager demanding they take players off so they Ahl 2 team can use them. Looked a bit of a mess and a bit embarrassing for the club. I suppose being so competitive has its downfall at times too


Are you trying to say that the AHL 3 team have been using Senor 1 players this year ? :joy:

This team have come from Div 5 to Div 3 in the last 3 years with by and large the same group.

3 teams playing at the same time on a Saturday is obviously going to be hard on numbers.


Nothing illegal if they do have a cross over once they don’t play more than 3 games at the higher level.

They are obviously finding it hard to field the 3 teams at the same time with both AHL 1 & 2 teams giving walkovers this year.


I see Towers had another good win at the weekend beating Thomas Davis. One game to go for them away to Scoil who are going well too and can catch Towers at the top if they win their last two games. I presume the completion of the inter championship will be a priority over the league with 3 AHL 3 teams left in the competition. With playoffs included I can’t see this league being completed until the end of November/ start of December. Isles have 3 league games to go. One next week but then have the Leinster junior championship two weeks later which will cause more delays if the progress


NOT at all…I have too much respect for Crokes to even think of that. As Parish suggested, I was merely suggesting that with say 25 lads with Ollie’s team for the SHC and the second team taking another large group, it is hard to see how Crokes would be really competitive in Division 3.


Lads anyone know what the story is with matches being played at night time at this time of the year. Can the county board just go fixing games for Monday nights or any night at 8:15 without it being agreed by both clubs?


30 Sep


Broomfield St Sylvesters-Ballyboden St Endas TBC
Newcastle Commercials-Erins Isle Gerard Delaney

Anyone know if that pitch Commercials are playing on in Newcastle is all weather or grass?


Its grass


Isles beat Commercials by 9. 2-20 to 1-14


Score was 2:21 to 1:14 Isles are moving very well


Syls and Boden drew according to Dublin Gaa. 2-14 each. Both guaranteed playoff places


Just out of interest can leagues be won on head to head or scoring difference. Or does it go to a playoff if teams finish level on points? Towers and Isles can finish on 20 points. Towers Isles and Scoil can all finish on 18 points too so what way does it work


If 2 teams finish on level points it’s head to head so if yourselves & Towers finish on 20 whoever won the game between you will win the league.
If 3 Teams finish on level points it’s the score difference in the matches between those teams that calculated.


They don’t make it easy


Thomas Davis 1-13 commercials 0-13