Adult Hurling League 3 (AHL3) 2017


What happens if two teams level on points at the top of the table at the end of the season? Playoff/ head to head record or score difference. All very tight at the top. Any of the top four can win it


I think its head to head then a “mini league” type situation using points difference if there are more than 2 teams involved. Not 100%


If 2 teams finish on the same points it’s head to head if 3 teams + finish on the same points it’s score difference.


only using the teams involved though asaik - not the overall points difference. plus if team A beat b and c I think team A is the winner


Brigids beat Syls by a point according to Dublin Gaa. Big win for them


Interesting league this year, top and bottom halves separated by very little


I think that AHL 1 and maybe 4 teams in AHL 2 are out on their own. But the rest of AHL 2 down to top 4 in AHL 4 would be competitive enough games. We might see one or two hidings on any given day but there would be more close games than people might think


I’d strongly disagree.

There’s a massive gap between in each league . Look at ahl 1 for example two teams promoted will more than likely come straight back down, Barrog in Ahl 2 will do well to stay up and have a massive game against Castleknock next and if they lose that they are going to find it hard to stay up.

In the Senior B Towers didn’t win a game and are top of ahl 3. Syls whos only win in that champo was against ahl 4 side and they will be in the league playoff.


Barrog are were there are at the minute due to losing a few players. That is not the same Barrog team who got to the Senior B final last year.

I was also trying to be specific to league. If you look at some of the results of AHL 2 + 3 over the last few seasons they are strange. Again a lot depends on who has who available to them for these games. The leagues are very Jekyll and Hyde results wise. I also did say there would be some hidings. There are some clubs on the up with great players coming through and other teams on the slide. I was just factoring in these also.

You are with Raheny I think? They have made massive strides forward in the last two years and have some very talented young lads coming through. If Raheny played my own club at the minute id expect it to be a very competitive game. Raheny to win but a close game nonetheless. Same as if Towers/ Isles/ Scoil played Fingallians or Clontarf id expect a close game. If Raheny played Clontarf for example id expect a Raheny win but a good battle from Clontarf and not a Dublin style defeat to Tipperary.

Or maybe I am just being optimistic :grinning:


Any result from Kevin’s V Mearnog?


I heard it finished a draw. Very tight at the bottom of that table.


Any score from Boden V Mearnog?


2-16 to 3-10 for Boden


Are the hurling leagues same as the football? Bottom team down and next two play off?


Bottom 2 straight down


It would be a nightmare of a season if Mearnog went down in the league too


For who?


I’ll say Mearnog but others may have nightmares too. TBC


Commercials beat brigids 3-9 to 0-14


Scoil Beat Crokes well.

It was on the pitch beside us in silver park.