Adult Hurling League 3 (AHL3) 2017


DCB have proposed to make changes to playing regulations for next year. 1st and 2nd go up. 3rd plays 4th for 3rd promotion spot. At bottom last 2 go down. 3rd and 4th from bottom play off. Has to be ratified by Club delegates next week.


Can’t see that being passed


Mad suggestion. I can see the nightmares already when 3 Clubs on Top and 3 Clubs on bottom all level on points…


All teams in the league finish on the same points? Now that would be mad​:joy::joy::joy:.


Ridiculous suggestion for the hurling leagues, I can see the benefit in the football leagues but not in hurling were there’s only 11 teams.

That means you’re going to have 6 new teams every year out of 11. Mad stuff.


There are 12 in leagues, 11 games. Leagues will be more competitive especially towards the later stages when mid table teams are not too bothered in games that effect other teams at top or bottom!


Mea cupla.

Top leagues are very competitive and certainly 2,3 and 4 are.

It’s a silly thing to change.


It is not surprising that they are coming up with these things. They tend to throw in the odd bit of nonsensical ideas every now and then. For me they still have to top the time they decided to cancel promotion and relegation in 2006. Isles and Crumlin were 1st and second in division 2 that season. The decision was made a week before the two teams met in the league final. Waste of a season for both teams. It also set hurling back a few years in Isles


And you’d wonder why Dublin hurling used to be so far behind


That was a farce. I remember back then when the team finished first didn’t necessarily win the league. Bizzare