Adult Hurling League 3 (AHL3) 2017


We taught Barry well in Ardscoil!


I played Sen B against them around 97. They went into a bit of freefall after.


Jaysus why? What did you do to them?


I told them to go play rugby with jerseys like that. Yes. I am a badass. Top quality sledger, me. :grinning:


Scoil said Adios Amigo


1999 since they played senior. 5th league promotion in 7 years is an incredible stat. Well done to all involved.

Have to feel for Towers - would have backed them to win but wasn’t to be. Don’t think any team will fancy playing them in div 3 again next year so they will be right there in 12 months time


Great piece, hard luck to Towers. Great result for Barry Cushen and all the lads in Scoil.


TheLoneRanger wont be able to tell you how many they have cause he is no Scoil man




i remember a big lad Finbarr Maher was a decent hurler for them in the 90s


Great for Scoil but I think they will struggle in AHL2 next year. Barrog are way ahead of them in the cycle and struggled for much of this year.


I think Barrog lost a few of the players the won AHL 3 and got promoted to Sen A championship


Don’t think you can fully blame that though, I think the internal sh1te that went on at the start of the year was the reason for their slow start and struggled to get points on the board


Didn’t realise there was internal crap going on. I thought a few lads had moved abroad


Yeah manager left at the start of the year and then came back a while later.


Was not aware of that either. They are on the look for a new manager again actually. Three of their panel were called up by Gilroy to run for the Dublin panel next year, if one or two are successful they might struggle a lot in certain club games next year as they would be far and above ahead of remaining players IMO.


The one positive for Towers over the season is that they managed to keep Senior B status in the championship. They have a good core of lads there. Not sure what they have coming through from minor but if they can get a few players through they will be fine


3 up 3 down next year as per proposed new regulations going before Clubs next week!


Who proposed that


I’m lost again