Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2019


O tooles beat finbarrs by 3.


Barróg beat Setanta by 4 points


Scoil 1-11 TD 3-13


Syls 1-12 raheny 0-11


A game barrs defo left behind… 2 missed penos and 2 soft goals

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Good win for otools i thought they would struggle lost a few players

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Good game today in pairc ui ballymun . Wasn’t for ourselves . Christmas came early for barrog .


O tooles did well today. Missing lads today so to get a win out in finbarrs was very good.

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What game were you watching? 4 points flattered setanta


The above withdrawn post was odd. Looking through tbe various leagues the club mentioned seem to be holding their own. Compettive in ahl 2 top ahl 6 minors had a good win last week. Mixed bag at juvenile but seem to have 2 teams im nost grades…no idea what football side is like but the post seemed a bit harsh


Missed it unfortunately


Is that missing lads that retired or just unavailable for the game? Great win for them thought Barrs would win it


Missing for that match through injuries etc.


Could be an ominous sign for the rest in that league


Care to enlighten us with the logic behind the statement


Fixtures for the weekend. I presume the ref named for the Olafs/Plunketts game is incorrect since the ref is a Plunketts man

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I will go with all Home wins except for the last one (Plunketts to beat Olafs).


All refs are impartial when whistle in hand :wink:

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Are you going for a Plunkets win because of the ref


The team in turmoil beat Barrog by 5. Probably should have been double that