Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2019


This weeks fixtures (weather permitting)


Some tasty fixtures. Setanta vs Barrog is always a close game.


Be interesting to see where o Tooles are at finbarrs are a good side


Wonder will trollier be released back to club for that.Would be a big plus for finbarrs, as would Macgib for setanta


McGibb played a half in Setanta’s first game. Dublin players are getting released a little at the moment but Dillon is a definite starter for Dublin this year so I doubt he will be released.


Tough league everyone will take points off each other I’d say be close in the end


Are Dublin players released the weekend anyone know?


Alan is still waiting to hear back on his submission …


:joy:I take it your not very fond of Alan


Alan is great. He moans a bit (like myself) but his heart is in the right place (like myself)!


I expect the fringe players to be released at a minimum


Not happening from what I’m hearing.


How many grass pitches will survive?


I see Martin Savage Park is off so Plunketts v Isles is elsewhere, probably the Phoenix Park


According to AHL1 thread Dubs Seniors training tomorrow so No county players available for club games. Shame for number 26+ that wont play next weekend not to get some game time for their clubs.


Makes no sense


Makes no sense at All
DubA V DubB tomorrow. Players would be much better off with their clubs this weekend



Plunketts beat Isles by 1 in 4 seasons weather in the army ground in the park.
Not sure how Isles managed to lose it