Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2019


Pity. Weather has been grand this Winter, should have been on the grass.


Minor Football game on main pitch.


In most clubs an Adult team would get the main pitch ahead of a Minor team if games were clashing.


Or football would take precedence over hurling.


Now you’ve got it :wink:


Clubs are entitled to play it on whatever pitch they want especially for the first game or two. If a team is training Astro 2/3 nights a week why would they play it on grass, Vice versa with the minor team . It actually looked like the Astro suited syls anyways.


We’ve recently built our own full size all weather so didn’t really make much difference for our lads

Glad somebody else thought that ball was wide too! Shocking decision as ref was well positioned to call it himself. He was desperate throughout

Decent enough game for first day out


Was up in isles for the setanta match sunday and was very impressed with the ground improvements.Small concrete terrace, hurling wall etc.Fair play to them :+1:


Some good work being done with the grounds. Unfortunately there is not enough space for another pitch which is needed the most


@ferdia What kind of game was it? Setanta going to hold their own in senior A again? Isles look like theyll push in the inter?


How many teams/ members in Isles and how pitches do you have access to? I haven’t been up in the home pitch for a while? From recollection there was a senior pitch and a juvenile pitch? Has that changed as I recall the P&P club being moved on?


Serious set up in syls with the all weather pitch. We played there a few weeks ago


I reckon between juvenile and adult across hurling/football/camogie and ladies football I reckon there would be roughly around 50 teams but I don’t know how it is all broken down nowadays because the numbers per team change as the teams get older.

Pitch wise it is the same as ever. The adult pitch and juvenile pitch in the club grounds. There is the council pitch across from the club grounds. There are also two school pitches used, one is being dug up for housing shortly and the second won’t be far behind


Played on the pitch across the road from the club as a young lad always found it a grand pitch


Never seems to be any shortage of council pitches for soccer clubs/teams.


Actually I forgot about a very small juvenile council pitch down in Tolka Valley. It is never used because of the scrambler club down that way


Grass on Main pitch was too long ans sod was soft for hurling
Hurlers had choice of pitch and choose Astro


A team that trains 2/3 times a week on a 15 year old synthetic pitch where the balk bounces 6 feet from a puck out have a distinct advantage over a team that trains on grass or even a modern 3G surface where the ball bounces 2 feet at best.
That’s why TD choose to play a game on their synthetic surface.


That pitch should come with a health warning.


True coming from a Td man😂