Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2019


I forgot about that!


Who is in charge of Barrog this year? I expect them to make a big push over the next season or two


Over last few years some very tidy players have played on development squads from Isles , very few recently of same caliber from Setanta this season may be a bit early for Isles but they will catch and by pass Setanta IMO


I could be wrong but I don’t think Setanta have too many lads who play football for anyone so for them as a team to be training week in week out together is a massive bonus where as other teams in the division could have over half their squad playing football and only picking up a hurl every second week. A great position for Setanta to be in


Just be thankful that they are not picking up lads from Dublin clubs :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Setanta beat Isles



Setanta beat Isles 1-16 to 1-12. Not a great game of hurling but it’s the results that count.

Mc Gibb was the difference in the end. Came on at half time and scored 1-3 or 1-4


Td bet syls 1-18 to 3-11. Decent enough game for this time of the year , syls had a red card with 10mins to go.


Students can not transfer in while attending college


Doesn’t stop them playing…


Low enough score for faughs v plunketts

Otooles and olafs not play?


No. A death in one of the clubs


Were you going with the Setanta win regardless of whether McGibb featured?

Scoil lost one of their main players at midfield for the year I believe - gone traveling.


No comment. :slight_smile:



Was there much in it at red card, who was leading then?

Was Davy Keogh playing for TD?

Also I hope it was played on grass.


It was on the AW according to the report above.


Davy was on the Bench for Waterford game


Game was played on all weather! Syls were 2 up at sending off. Davis 21 yard free towards the end from right side at bottom end clearly 2 feet wide but given. A decent game overall.