Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2019


Being a little selfish here In asking , in that looking to see where our lads are actually at a win v div 2 can look good on paper but ultimately you need to know realistically what you were up against


Not much between the top 6 in AHL 3 and about 8 teams in division 2.
I wouldn’t read too much into beating Setanta today but they will be be in with a playoff shout in AHL 2.
Isles played Peregrines at Christmas and Peregrines seemed well up for it, a massive improvement from them


Can’t see why Setanta would want to play them, anyone they play this year will be better than them


Why would you refuse a game of hurling if one is available?


Have always found Peregrines to be tough team to play against.


Teams rarely want a challenge match v opposition from their own league, hence you play teams above and below your division or in some cases opposition from outside the county , thought most people would know that


Players coming in and a new manager in place since before christmas


Transfers from outside Dublin?


Ive tipped Faughs. Otooles and Barrs to be in the mix. I wonder can any from Scoil Davis Isles etc step it up a bit this year to spice it up



Are the other league fixtures out? Can’t filter to the AHL 6 ones for example


I think they come out bit by bit so should be all up by tues/weds I reckon


Ya managing or playing?


Maybe a bit of both :joy:


Plunketts will struggle this year I’d say. Very unimpressed with them in B final last year. O’ Tooles will runaway with it I’d say. Scoil UI Chonaill will be there or there abouts


Plunkets poor in the final but we’re good in the semi, O Tooles should win but depends on how serious they take the league, faughs and finbarrs in the mix, I seen scoile 3 times last year and can’t see them in anything but a relegation dog fight because apart from the top 3 or 4 the rest are evenly matched


Don’t agree on Plunketts. Heard Derek Brennan back in there. Did some good stuff with them before, and with Parnells.
Think they’ll be in the shake up for playoffs.


Agree. Plunketts have some very good young players coming through. They’ll be top 4 imo


Brennan left Parnells rightly bolloxed when he jumped ship and took his bog warriors with him. He may do the same with Plunketts. These young lads coming through won’t hang around if a carpenter from Clare is taking their spot in the team. They need to think long term rather than having a good year or two.


Fair points. But from what I’ve seen of him as a manager previously with Plunketts, Parnells and DIT, I think he’ll do well with them, IMO.