Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2018


Ballinteer beat Isles by 8. 1-19 to 2-8. Entertaining enough game. Isles missed 3-4 good goal chances when the game was in the melting pot as the experts say. Ballinteer stepped it up in the last 5 minutes to pull out of reach.


was some and still is I hope some fine local Parnells lads on that team, hopefully they keep the show on the road, stay up the divisions though perhaps not as high as now


If our first 15 where available we are a match for most in division 2 and senior B (last year we beat a good Plunkets side in the championship quarter final With 14 locals starting and 3 on the bench ) but our problem is with long term injuries and a couple of suspensions a panel of 19 is not enough
Also our junior team is in a very low league and this makes it impossible for any of them to step up
Our minors are amalgamated with o Tooles in division 2 this year so maybe we will get 2 or 3 from this team
We have also lost some of our better players through work commitments and wanting a break from hurling so the panel is realistically 14 with a couple of minors


who have ye got in Championship this weekend? Hopefully a home tie might give you a better chance to field a strong side


Thomas Davis away not looking good with numbers at the minute


Surely a club of Parnells size can string together 15 players between adults and second year minors. Especially considering the progress made over the last 8 years or so


Sounds like a tough tie. TD have been going well lately judging by their results


The minors have a match Sunday morning so there not aloud play can’t imagine that being allowed in it difficult Club


They are playing for an amalgamation of clubs. Far more important that Parnells field Saturday evening. And I am sure the lads would be able for the two games.


As it stands we have Maybe 6 seniors confirmed 3 juniors so we would need 6 minors to field it’s just not looking good
Its back to intermediate I think the one level we didn’t win on the way up so maybe that might be something to aim for next year


Me father used to say you’re not a senior hurler until you win the intermediate championship :wink:


Hard to believe a big club like parnells can’t string together 15 adult players for a match. Tough going having to rely on minors for a senior B champ/AHL2 match, does nothing for their development unless their an exceptionally good minor player and physically able to compete with adult players.


Parnells are hardly a big club.


Ok an average sized club :thinking:


When it comes to hurling we are a small club 2ish teams no minor team for 4 years and very little under age it’s very demoralizing at the moment


Hang in there. All teams and clubs go through ups and downs, relegations/promotions etc at different times but it’s important you stick at it. Really important the club in general gets behind ye too to make sure ye field.


What has happened to the non locals that played with you?


And what affect did the non locals have on player drop off rate after minor? Without knowing the ins and outs I would hazard a guess that the non locals arrival didnt help when it comes to the situation Parnells are in now. The money would have been better spent on the juvenile section on high quality coaches etc…

Having said that, your u21 team from a few years ago that beat ourselves in the B final where all home grown from what I can remember. Id imagine this is the basis of the AHL2 team now?


In hurling we had Darren Rooney and later Andy Shore we do have one cork lad that has been with us 9 years
Nial deasy was with us for half a season a couple of other county lads that came agreed with the club rule at the time that you had to start on the second team before moving to the first after a season and couple did
Other than that we had a group of lads from a couple of teams that won 3 feile b titles and went on to beat finbarrs in a 21s b final as the backbone of the team most where still involved till this year and 10 years full on hurling has meant some now want a break nothing to do with outsiders
The hurling sector never went as far as the football with outsiders


There was never many outsiders in hurling last year when we beat Plunkets in senior B championship quarter final we had 14 born in coolock and one outsider,
Our problem is Parnells is traditionally a football cub and as such it’s hard to get lads hurling at underage