Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2018


Eoghan O’Donnell was there but he didn’t play and Setanta were missing 6 first team players not two and had one sub.


Whitehall and who?


Plunketts beat Parnells 5-18 to 0-14 points. Parnells played with 13 had two lads stand in the forwards(One was in a pair of jeans and the other looked 14) so they could start both half’s with 15. Sad to see as they were flying 2/3 years ago.


That is shocking


In the Erin Isles game the last 3 senior management teams came together to field a team but couldn’t commit to anymore than that
Saturday we had 3 suspended 3 injured and a few more at a christening with a panel of 19 to start with that is where we are I feel for the future of hurling in Parnells we should take relegation in league and championship this year and start again next year with the lads fully focused but hard times ahead


Also in all fairness Plunkets agreed to move the game or do what they could to accommodate Parnells but there was no point changing the game


What’s the talent like on the 2nd team? Or do Parnells try to keep the same panel throughout the season?


Division 9 very low numbers they get by with the minors help
2 lads would be able for division 2


That’d be a big jump alright… In order to maintain senior status I reckon a club needs at least a Junior A squad to bridge the gap and a regular supply of underage players. The odd country lad to supplement the team helps too.


Our big problem has been no minor team for the last 4 years (this year is our first one )
We have had 2 lads come from under age onto senior team in 5 years and they both went down to Craobh for minor hurling


Thought youse were flying it, hopefully the numbers will come through again.


In the last 8 years we came from junior b to senior A And back to senior B(We skipped intermediate) from division 8 to division 1 and back to 2 we had help Darren Rooney was eminence also Andy Shore
Last year we fielded 14 born and bread coolock lads in most games the lowest was12 Coolock lads starting but the problem is we have a panel of 19/20 with 10/12 committed it’s impossible to continue with that until we get a couple of the minors through


Sounds tough, then after such a rise there’s always likely to be period where things come unstuck for a spell. hopefully you hold it together till the underage lads come through.


With our age profile we might be able (average age 26 only 2 over 30 ) but there is very little hurling underage and for the most part we have had to join or send them to O Tooles .
This might not go down well but with Parnells Craobh Whitehall o Tooles all very close geographically amalgamation might be the way forward for some


I was at the game and the lads that did play for parnells were a credit to Parnells. Kept going kept discipline until the very end. Hopefully the talent that is there comes back .


Local clubs have to work together for the benefit of their future and form proper amalgamation sides … ie. when it’s the right thing to do to ensure participation. Judging by the number of new club names popping up over the last few years it appears that some clubs realize this.


Awful pity, would yous not be better of amalgamating with otooles or craobh for your senior section?


Discussions where held but couldn’t get it over the line might look at it again next year


With which club?


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