Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2018


That’s correct. Both teams who came up stayed up. Great for both clubs.


Great they both stay up but both need to build on it. 2 good clubs over the years. Dublin needs its old clubs to regroup and challenge the new order because the only winner there will be Dublin


Sorry I should point out in reference to my last post. Ive zero againsf Cuala Crokes Boden dominating Dublin, in fact I think its been a goid thing. Improved the standard greatly.

But imagine a scenario were Ksvins Scoil,Isles Commercials etc were going toe to toe with them and Vins Otooles Craobh crumlin etc still in there as well.


It could only be good for hurling. Commercials are struggling at AHL3, but seem to be improving at underage. Scoil seem to be having a resurgence also. I think they’ve started to tap into the north inner city again. It’s great to see as there’s lots of natural talent in the inner city, but so little opportunity for the kids with all the clubs going bust or moving out. Kevin’s are a bit away from the top table, but they’ll have a full compliment of teams next yr for the first time in a long time and some of the younger teams are looking decent. They also have a strong nursery. Population growth and better club structures have helped. All they need now is green space.


Sylvesters back up to AHL 2 next season too. Great strides being made out there. Fielding 2 teams at minor this season.

I think Thomas Davis will join them


What’s great to see is the spread of clubs being represented across Dev Squads & Minor. For any younger kid seeing one of their own club players in a Dublin jersey is priceless. I think we’ll start to see a lot more clubs from lower divisions moving up the leagues when these lads break into Junior & Senior panels.


I reckon faughs have a great chance of becoming a serious force again in a few years, this time with a load of homegrown players though. They’ve got a few quality teams at underage level, albeit from under13 to under 15 or so.
Great to see the likes of barrog, Isles, Davis too with teams in division one hurling at some of the younger age groups. They’ve all got a long way to go obviously, but positive stuff anyway


Was watching a Under 14 Division 4 game last week and there were definitely some players capable of playing at the highest level. Hopefully the development squads are considering the lower levels.


jez 2 minor hurling teams in sylvesters - must be a first?


Think they had two minor teams the past few years. They did about 4 or 5 years ago.


Ballinteer win the league after a one point win over Whitehall. Seemed like a cracker. Congrats to all involved with Ballinteer


Congrats to all in ballinteer.

So Whitehall v Barr’s for the league playoff, also playing each other in championship this Friday. The loser will be in relegation playoff


Any precedent there for a winner takes all game by any chance :joy:


Fair play to Balinteer and hard luck to Whitehall but they are a coming side and they’ve a lot of good days ahead of them


DublinGAA has OPER as winners. Three teams level on 18 points.
Who are the winners?




4 teams tied, Plunketts top group on score difference of the 4 per Dublin gaa and yet they don’t make playoffs? I’m lost.


Dublingaa website show placing based on score difference over the whole league which is complicated by the fact that some games were walkovers etc I.e. No score difference!
The 4 way tie is actually decided based on score difference of the matches between the teams involved in the tie only. Therefore Ballinteer St Johns win the league. Whitehall Colmcille are home to Naomh Fionnnbarra in the promotion playoff and St Oliver Plunketts ER miss out having finished one point behind Naomh Fionnbarra on score difference.


Wow. Incredibly harsh on Plunketts to have it decided that way. Another mini league would be good between the 4 or just a semi final and final situation.


Not harsh on Plunketts at all. Their score diff on the website includes +19 points from playing Parnells. The other three teams received walkovers from Parnells meaning they didn’t get the opportunity to increase their score diff in that game. In addition Whitehall also received a walkover from Naomh Olaf. So if those 4 games were actually played they might have put a different look on the table you are looking at.