Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2018


A replay in Finglas between Isles and Crokes was the outcome of a meeting held following on from issues in the original fixture. But I imagine this will only happen if Crokes beat Barrog and Scoil beat Isles


Plunketts beat Setanta well this evening


When are playoffs likely to be does anyone know


5-23 to 1-3 that’s some hammering.


Was it Setantas U15s?


Jaysus, assume a few away.


I can never remember this, Is league position decided on points difference or head to head? If it is head to head then that win for Plunketts means that should Ballinteer beat Whitehall then all 4 teams will finish on 18 pts at the top. League winners and playoff places decided on head to head shows how close the league is this year, although all 4 teams will be kicking themselves for the points they dropped.

Having said all that, Whitehall beat Ballinteer and they win the league outright. Would be a great achievement for them, they’ve really pushed on this year which is great to see. All the hard work at underage starting to pay off.


Head to head if only 2 teams involved

If 3+ teams involved, it’s decided by a “mini-league” containing the teams in question and those respective results


Could get complicated so!


If Whitehall win or draw on Saturday they win the league and Finbarrs and Plunketts will be second and 3rd and in the promotion playoff.

If Ballinteer win on Saturday they will win the league on the “mini league” head to head scoring difference as they will have a better scoring difference than the other 3 teams based on their matches against each other. They are +8 based on their matches against Barrs and Plunketts. So if they beat Whitehall their score difference will obviously go up. Whitehall are +5 based on their matches against Barrs and Plunketts. Barrs are -6 based on their matches against BSJ, Whitehall and Plunketts. Plunketts are -7 based on their matches against BSJ, Whitehall and Barrs.

I think the only guarantee at the minute is that Finbarrs are in the playoffs. If Whitehall beat BSJ then Finbarrs play Plunketts at home in the playoff based on head to head result. If BSJ beat Whitehall then Whitehall play Finbarrs at home in the playoff unless BSJ beat Whitehall by at least 13 points which will knock Whitehall out.

Confusing shit!!


They don’t make it easy do they :see_no_evil:


How’s parnells looking for next year will yous be able to field two teams


Meeting in a couple of weeks only going for one team next year hopefully the lads buy in


Where would ya place?
Would combined teams be good enough for AHL2?


Division 3 and intermediate championship but only if the numbers are there


Well fingers crossed be an absolute shame to loose any club!


Cheers there are some top players but the numbers are very small


That’d Be a real shame, how the underage going? Any hope of more numbers coming through?


Isles beat Scoil by 6. 5-10 to 2-13. Isles stay up


Is that both newly promoted teams safe so?
Great achievement