Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2018


Great to hear of a close, high scoring game.


They’ve a way to go yet but a lot of potential. Has been a bit sharp for them at times this year but overall really positive. Good to see


Crokes beat Isles. Wasn’t there so not sure who played well


With one game left it’s between Whitehall and Ballinteer. Whoever wins that game wins the league.

At the other end Olafs are in the playoff. If Crokes beat Barrog they are safe and Isles will be in the playoff to stay up.

Just out of curiosity, is there an appeal that can be made if a team has a player sent off but the team that has had the player sent off send on a sub as a replacement and continue to play with 15 players?


Was the sub slip received by the ref before the red card was issued?


Only if the ref reports it. Why did the ref allow it?


He sent off the player as he was receiving treatment. The other player came on after the red card was issued. The ref realised Crokes had 15 players on the pitch about 10 minutes later and told one of the players to leave the pitch.


No appeal there I’d say. Ref’s honest mistake.


How long was there 15 on the pitch? Did nobody bring it to refs attention?


Was told it was 10 minutes or thereabouts. Was mentioned to the ref on numerous occasions. It was only after Crokes scored a few goals and more pestering he decided to do a recount.


No appeal allowed but the losing team can lodge an objection to the awarding of the match within three days of the starting time of the game and let the CCC decide on the matter


If he was notified and ignored it it’s not an honest mistake it’s very poor officiating on his part


@sneakersotoole is there a playoff (next four teams) this year for 2nd team to go up, or is there only one going up?

Just looked at league, if both Ballinteer & OPER win there last game you’ll have Ballinteer,Whitehall,Finbars and OPER all level on 18pts.


As far as I know (which is not a lot ) first go up automatically second and third in a play off to join them


4 very strong teams could end up level , anybody know how the Parnells walk overs affect the points difference ( we gave 3 of the top 4 walk overs )


Second plays third in the playoff.

If all 4 teams finish level on 18 points BSJ will win it on the mini league rule. As far as I know it becomes score difference between the games involving the 4 teams who finished level on points.


Are the playoff games for promotion and relegation played in neutral venues or is it whoever is ahead in the table gets home advantage?


Still no sign of the Crokes v Isles result from last week on Dublin Gaa. So it was either not sent in or there is something the CCC are investigating


Home advantage for higher places teams.


Last round of fixtures for the league proper. Should be a cracking match out in Marley Park.

Isles-Scoil is now on Thursday the 30th.

There was a review due on the Crokes v Isles match from two weeks ago so that is why the result is not up on Dublin Gaa. I think the ref admitted he messed up in his report so not sure what the outcome of that is. I presume there was a meeting last night?