Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2018


In this instance are all of Parnell’s results so far wiped too?
How does this work practically?


Afaik, results to date stand, all future fixtures are counted as walkovers


That’s correct.


Big boost for Olafs down the bottom and Whitehall and Finbarrs up the top. Although to be fair all three teams would most likely have beaten Parnells as things were.


I noticed the Junior 8s also conceded. Is that due to numbers or general dissaffection?


Sad to see. Best wishes to Parnells for 2019.


It’s the rule.

If a higher graded team pulls out and gives two walkovers then the team or teams below will be automatically relegated too.


It’s gas. The GAA at national level thinks it is the business altogether but has no plan to set up new clubs or to support clubs who are failing- for whatever reason- at local level.


Cheers the big problem is numbers if we got all lads out we would have 17 senior players and could give anyone in division 2 a good game but with holidays and suspensions we struggle
Also there are maybe 2 or 3 on the second team who could step up but don’t want to or can’t because of work
Our minors will help but will take a year or 2 to get up to speed (also that will mean 3 Sammons on the pitch together and the daddy on the sideline so good help the refs)
Division 3 and intermediate next year gives us a chance to reset


Have you dropped out of championship too?


Yes gave a walk over so out of championship too


I thought you had to give two walkovers during the group stage to be relegated from the championship too


I thought one but doesn’t make a difference we can’t field unfortunately


Surely by September some players will be back


Finbarrs beat Isles by 2. 0-23 to 1-18. Entertaining game that would have been an even higher standard had there been a decent ref


Agree. Was a very good game despite the officiating. Isles have some really good hurlers there


Barrog beat Olaf’s 2:20 to 1:10


Plunketts beat Scoil well think it was 6-19 to 1-13.


That’s some scoring


When I seen Plunketts this year I was very impressed with their forward line. The pace is there to do serious damage should the opposition give them any room. Their main men are young too so will only improve.