Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2016


You cannot play without transfer. Nontransfer from Ballyea to Parnell’s listed on

The player look to have been illegal.


Look in June…


So there was. That was kept very quiet!


Don’t think he was parachuted in, he transferred and has played since June in all their league games since.
We played Parnell’s twice this year in challenge games and he played both.
In fairness the lad works in Dublin, and from what I know is working with couple of Parnell’s players, if he worked with me I wouldn’t hesitate to get him playing with us…
He wasn’t eligible for Champo in Dublin as he’d already played with Ballyea. Parnell’s did everything within the rules, and in fairness he wouldn’t be the first Country player to be transferred into a Dublin Club mid-season.
Bit of stirring the sh*te going on here…


I suppose if the rules allow such carry on so be it. Surely in this case the spirit and decency of the sport has been disrespected. If Parnells have any regard or respect for the development of Dublin hurling they should pull out and let Plunketts go up, or even let Faughs and ourselves play each other for that right. Two clubs who compete in fairness and honesty and contribute greatly to the future development of hurling in Dublin both underage and at adult level (as does 99% of our clubs). Would it not be more beneficial putting their money into developing the underage section of the club rather than buying players and promotion. I believe it was this lads first game with the club since transferring in June.
Then again maybe I’m just jealous we can’t afford to buy our way through the ranks.


Did ye not have an appeal to Leinster to prevent a match going ahead because the full 5 days wasn’t given? Regard and respect all right!!!


Firstly plunkets bringing up rules and development of Dublin hurling after dragging the DCC down to leinster to get a game called of because 4 or 5 players where on a stag is brilliant
As for buying players and promotion parnells made a lot of mistakes in the past on this front and will always be associated with this into the future but I can state for a fact and for the first time in many years not one player or manager be it football or hurling receives a penny from the club (can plunkets say the same I hear there are some lovely new cars at training but I’m sure the influx of players to your club is because they all like the colour of the jerseys)(now I have the brass neck for that comment but we learned our lesson)
As for Nial he works with one of our lads and has played in all our games since he joined in June and would be a huge asset to the Dublin senior team this year


Just to correct what I said above all our league games since June he was not legal for championship this year but will be for next season


You’d have to take that one to Croke Park…


Someone was indeed shitstirring. Pity. No need for it if the truth is all above board.


Alan every word of my post is correct Nial has played in at least 6 league games for us and 4 challenge matches
To try and insinuate he is receiving money is a disgrace (as I said above I am well aware of what went on in the past but can state as a fact Nial and all other players and management receive nothing from parnells)
We where very lucky to sign him and he is a great addition to our club and would be exactly what Dublin hurlers need a scoring forward


Or to leinster I am sure they know the road there


I agree with you. Someone didn’t share the full truth above or else wasn’t properly aware of it. There’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing per the rules.


Is it Niall Deasy? Very good player if so!


Sure some people don’t like hearing the truth Alan. It doesn’t sell papers as they say…


This is one game i sure as hell will be putting in my diary to get out and see!!!


And some fell for it, hook, line and sinker :wink: :wink:


Ye are not suggesting that some lad signed up here, posted three messages of one sided piffle full of inaccuracies cos he lost a game and then cleared off are ye ???




If Parnells had have lost not a word would have been said. It’s not as if Faughs don’t bring in country folk. I’m sure most clubs would take in players to improve the standards. I know I would.