Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2016


Sure if that was the case you would have been given the last play off spot.

Bad form by Crokes and I’m surprised at it tbh I hope there’s a genuine reason.


Crimes had Ahl2 and U21A team fixed for same time 2pm Saturday. Huge overlap between 2 teams, unable to play both.


Did they seek a refix of one of the games?


Board wouldn’t reschedule either , told to agree with opponents, didn’t work out …surprisingly


Great win for Parnells on paper however a pity to see that they had to parachute a couple of players in for 2 games, one who starred in a Munster club final alongside Tony Kelly only a week ago and is looking forward to an Ireland semi final after Christmas. How in Gods name is something like this allowed happen in Dublin GAA. Wont be easy for our lads the next day especially having got the walkover from Crokes.


Has anyone objected? Or asked for an investigation?


Is this info correct??


Fixture didn’t appear on their (Crokes) website!


No idea that would be up to Faughs however our lads will be watching closely before our game. Sad that the county board allow this. Teams working hard all year to get promoted and other teams in that position with no interest in promotion giving walkovers and others bringing in players for only a couple of games. What’s the point?


How can a player play for 2 clubs?


What is the background to this, is said player in college locally? Has he received payment? This stinks


On the limited details that appear here, all would seem above board.

Playing Restrictions (Club)
"(A) A Player may not play in any Championship with two Clubs in a given year’s Championship, either within a County or in different Counties save as provided for in Exceptions below and in Rule 6.12." (Did not play Championship in Dublin, not relevant here in any case)

“(B) A Player may not play with two Clubs in the exact same Competition of a given year”. (AHL2 is a totally different competition to the league in Clare)


Why would the player risk injury? Presume he will transfer back to Ballyea also, was there a Parnells player dropped so he could play? This is worse than any clubs importing players in the usual fashion


No need to transfer back just for the semi final - he would still be entitled to play for Ballyea even though he is registered with Parnells.


Who is the player in question?


The rule niceday2 quotes has to be read in conjunction with the transfer rule. You cannot play for a second club without a transfer. The transfer comes first. Then the right to play, or not, in certain competitions. You cannot yo-yo back and forth as suggested.


In this case he can yo-yo back to Ballyea to play the AI Club Championship semi final while finishing off this years league with Parnells.


Has he transferred to Parnell’s?


I assume so if he played on Saturday.

I don’t know who the player is, or if there was a transfer or not - just discussing the legalities of it in general and not player specific.


There was a transfer between the two clubs in June.