Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2016


Raheny beat Crokes

That result relegates Mearnog and Boden.


What way are the playoffs looking now


Faughs play raheny in last league game if they win it’s
Plunkets v kilmacud
Parnells v faughs


Parnells beat faughs 0.18 to 1.14 great game


Congrats Parnells, great win.


Any result from Plunketts v Crokes in other playoff Semi?


Crokes gave Plunketts a walkover, shame really as other clubs would have loved opportunity to play that game


Your messing?? A walkover??


Cause them all sorts of problems if they had two teams in the top division. Wouldn’t be allowed to bring up lads from their second team to replace div 1 lads away on J1 or Dublin etc.


Feeble excuse imo.


Then they should not have taken the allocation and allowed the next place team take their spot… poor form


Whats their purpose in playing so?? Are they told not too win the leauge??


That is absolutely appalling.


Exactly… what’s the point


Think Crokes B did the same last year.


Madness, can only imagine how the players on the AHL2 panel feel


Don’t believe they can have two teams in Div 1, so getting into playoffs or winning league is pointless for them. But giving a walkover in playoffs is a disgrace.


U can have 2 teams in the same League but not in the same Championship.


I thought they changed the rules few years ago.


That was for Championship only