Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2019


He was on the frees, was quiet enough otherwise. Game was played under horrendous conditions so it wasn’t the sort of day that anybody would stand out.

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The younger Currie play? How about AJ Murphy?


Both played. A. J. was there but not togged out, must be injured

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Good to know, Thanks @Boss


Craobhs decline is a myth ? Give it a rest, there ain’t remotely near the top 3, that’s a massive decline in the last 10 years.


Whats the massive decline ? They should have bet Cuala last year


Still a solid Division 1 side and nowhere near dropping out of Senior A. Not bad for the smallest club in the Senior ranks in either code and one of the smallest clubs in the county.


That game was played less than a month after back to back All Irelands, Cuala were in first gear and won comfortably in the end. Put it this way , had Craobh played Cuala a month earlier , it would have been at least a point a man.


I have a feeling Ger Ryan will be putting your posts up on the dressing room wall before the finbarrs game to let the lads see what is being said about them,nothing to do with finbarrs but will motivate the Craobh


Someone hates the craobh


Havent they got some very good younglads just came through the 2 Ryans

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Obvious major dislike of Craobh going on , wouldn’t be their biggest fan but bit of objectivity never hurt anyone


I think in some cases it’s jealousy. Jealous of how they can keep producing 2-3 quality Senior hurlers every few years without that big of a catchment and an aging one at that.


Is it a massive decline or have the top 3 just gone way ahead of them since craobh Last won the championship only the big 3 clubs have won it so I don’t think they are worrying about been in decline if craobh can get there fitness right they will be hard team for anyone to beat in this championship.


Craobh possibly we’re they allways were , however big three and Vincent’s standards have moved on hugely in recent years


I was thinking the same, think the standard has gone up,

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Wonder how brigids men feel about that comment as they played them 2 weeks previous of that game.
Senior hurling in Dublin has improved year on year for the last 15/20 years the skills sets and strength+conditioning of teams have increased enormously with cuala and crokes leading the way at the minute with Boden Vincent’s Jude’s chasing them down then there is a group of teams like craobh Lucan brigids na fianna who can beat anyone of them on any giving day. Craobh in my eyes in the last 3 years have improved hugely but cuala crokes Boden are just that bit out in front mainly down to good juvenile teams coming trough year on year with the large catchment and youthful areas they are in. Dublin club hurling is probably at its most competitive it has been for years including championship more teams are becoming likely to win it not just the same 2/3 since craobh’s last win in 2006.


In reality clubs need to be winning Juvenile/u16/Minor championships (or be reaching the finals on a regular basis) for a few years if they want to be in the top 4. Craobh and Vincent’s dominated at underage for a number of years in the late 80s early 90s and were able to keep topping up after that. The southside clubs have had the edge in more recent times. I’m noticing Faughs coming up the ranks now at underage so it won’t be long before they will be back competing for a Senior A title. Personally I think it’s a combination of tradition, pitting the right structures in place and demographics. When they all come together it’s great for a club. I remember the likes of Lucan and Na Fianna were easy beats when I was growing up but feared Chiarains and Vincent’s. I wouldn’t think that now…


Craobh Chiaran have done remarkably well to be where they are at currently. Their pool of players available at all ages must be very small, relative to those available to the likes of BBSE, Crokes and Cuala. That is, not for one minute, to understate the achievements of the “bigger” clubs I have mentioned.
As has been previously stated by others, if winning Dublin Sen A HC’s is the only barometer of success, there are a lot of clubs who may as well throw their hats at it.

Long after he’d left the Dublin Sen Football scene as a player or manager, I’d imagine Heffo got as big a thrill out of tossing a football or a sliotar to an eight year-old down in Marino as he got from sending Tony Hanahoe or Tommy Drumm up to collect Sam.

I don’t know what your problem is in writing off a club’s achievements are, @Mossy, but I doubt I am alone in thinking your comments are out of order and disingenuous to every nursery, juvenile or adult coach/player going out week in, week out, the length and breadth of the country.


Brigids beat Crokes by 4. Played earlier.