Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2019


exactly 10 years, Last championship win was 2006, last final appearance 2009. But still their demise was supposed to see them sink down the divisions … according to some.


They may be “competing” in AHL1, but they certainly aren’t in championship, will probably make the last 8 in the SHC but that’s more about the lack of competitiveness in the SHC than anything else.


Better to be making quarter finals of championship instead of getting relegated


Think you are being a bit harsh there

If thats the case nobody has done anything except Cuala Crokes and Boden . And lets be honest for the size of them clubs and the outsiders they’ve had they should be the only ones winning it


My point is , that making the last 8 of the SHC isn’t a huge deal when you consider there are only 3 or 4 clubs in the running.


I think Craobh bring through 1 or 2 very good players every year and keep competitive may not win championship but the way they stay in the highest championship and league with no outsiders that I’m aware of and an ageing area is brilliant


Maybe not a huge deal but it is considerably better then some predicted.


Sure why would the lads bother playing so?
SHC titles are great to win but if that was all that counted, there’d be bugger all to keep us interested for most of the year.


I’m pretty sure that they were the last Northside club to win it aswell I agree they are written off here all the time and for a club with such a small area to choose from they ok.


Take a count of clubs that would trade with Craobh any day , clubs of a similar size and then their consistency becomes more apparent , if winning the SHC was the only barometer of success many a hurler wouldn’t get out of bed


Shane Veale starting in the HF lines makes sense, big lad, Barry O’Rorke was always good for a score or two and Alex Considine (Dublin minor in 2018 who some on here rate very highly) is back in the country?


Making the last 8 isn’t a huge deal? Must be great to hurl with such a successful club that can be of that mindset. Played a few seasons in Senior A myself and would have taken the hand off anyone for a quarter final spot.

Craobhs decline is a myth. Yes they aren’t winning senior A championships and probably won’t for a while yet but they were never heading down the divisions. They’ll be up there for a while yet in my view. The decline is probably more wishful thinking on other people’s parts.


A decline by their own standards still puts them ahead of most clubs. I have noticed that they are not the force at underage that they used to be. However, all they need are 2-3 players coming through at every year to keep them ticking over at senior A.


Na Fianna, Brigids, Crumlin, Lucan, BSJ, O’Tooles. All in the same boat as Craobh, at Senior level, and with the exception of O’Tooles & Crumlin, all the rest have huge Juvenile sections.


Crumlin were never blessed with big numbers, but were always able to bring 2-3 through to keep them at the top table. However, they seem to be struggling big time at the moment. Merged with Robert Emmets at football and as far as I know their 16 hurlers didn’t field this year. Think they are doing ok for numbers at the younger levels in hurling, but all in lower leagues. Will be interesting to see how the next few years go. Their near neighbours (Kevin’s and Counsel) who were also strong senior hurling clubs at one time took a hit some years ago.


I think Crumlin got a new GPO in from Ballymun Kickhams so hopefully he will get some good work done and get numbers up at underage levels.



sounds like Currie is in good form, although it doesn’t say if any of his 0-5 were frees.


Did any county players get released to play for anyone?


Think there was a dub a v b game on instead.