Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2019


I never said it was right, i earlier stated the opposite, I only took it from tge managers perspective


The biggest issue I have with this is that it’s happening at minor level.
I agree with the arguments from both sides at Senior level, but, not at minor. And imo this is solely down to minor now being u17.


Tipperary players never play with their clubs unless it’s championship


It’s worse with it happening at 20’s level for last few months and they don’t have a competitive game until end of June.

Last year Gilroy played challenge games in the week of club championship games and lads didn’t even get to train with their clubs.

The whole thing is getting out of hand.


I heard the under 20s had 2 games last week which could be more than they have in the competition it’s an ego trip for minor and 20s management
Hopefully they go well but with the management playing 2 games in a weekend I fear for them


Two games could’ve been two different panels though.


True but they have no game till June and have been training for the last 4 or 5 months and I heard some played in both games,all I can say is why (I wasn’t at the games so can’t say for certain but it is worrying)


Agree 100%. Surely telling lads to ‘go out and get a full game tomorrow with your club and we’ll have 1/2 from the back room / management team at each AHL1 game to watch on to see who’s performing’ - couldnt get more valuable and worthwhile preparation than that IMO.


Fully agree, but, one of the key issues at this level is that the Club competition is a shambles. They play a mickey mouse, play or concede championship at the end of an already long season. When is a manager supposed to prepare his panel for County competition.
They either scrap this level at both Club & County or put a proper Club competition in place, that helps prepare County Teams for Champo.


I love club under 21s great competition for getting lads back involved and last chance to play on the same team as all you mates but the county manager would take little notice of the club competition because it is treated as a joke by the county board, I would think the club adult competition and if you where a county minor are the first port of call when they go to selecting a panel or 2 panels as the case maybe.i have never heard of a lad going well in the club under 21s getting a call to the Dublin 21s or Dublin 20s.sorry to say this but at this stage I would scrap the county under 20s and let the lads play for there clubs in division 1 and 2 or whatever league they are in and shine while the county lads are of training





BSJ 0.9
Boden 0.16


Good win for craobh



Crokes beat Jude’s 1.16 to 1.09


Craobh seem to be motoring well. I had Whitehall down to cause a few upsets this seasonand yesterday would have been one of them. Fair dos to Craobh they just keep on competing


Written off in a regular basis.


With good reason as well. Craobh are no threat to the SHC for about 10 years now.