Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2019


Suggests a lot of teams using council pitches will have to “offer” to play away…?


90 percent of council pitches seem to be on, so it will have to be called by the ref for the pitch to be unplayable.


No county players released tomorrow. They are training at the same time


What a surprise. Didn’t take Kenny long to forget the plight of the club manager.


Pathetic really. Could have just as easily allowed all get a full game with their clubs instead of another training session.


Could not agree with Alan and unicorn more on this and actions like this go against the manager when the team go through a run of bad results


Then you’d be happy for footballers to be released most weekends as we rarely have a poor run of results???


I actually would and if I’m not wrong lads not getting game time for the footballers where released to clubs a couple of weeks ago to get some games


For the first round of football fixtures (almost) everyone seemed to be released to play with their clubs.

Kilkenny played for Castleknock last weekend v Clontarf even though Dublin were playing Roscommon that day.


Vins vs. Crumlin has been postponed due to a bereavement in Crumlin.


pathetic is right but all too common across the country. up to county board(s) to sort it out - will need to grow a pair to do it

assume the story is correct?


Lads me as much as anyone would love to see county lads released to the clubs. But put yourself in Matties shoes…a free weekend before a league quarter final is a chance to work on certain things or iron out certain flaws. I can fully respect his call as much as Id love the lads playing club this weekend Ill be first man jumping around should we win next week and reach the semis and if thats down to something worked on in training tomorrow well…


We’ll agree to differ. They could train during the upcoming week. And probably will. One day for the clubs is now too much to ask.

We’re at nothing at this stage. It has become completely normalized now that clubs, in fact, have absolutely no control anymore over their players.


It’s been like awhile now unfortunately. Daly’s tenure probably drove the biggest wedge between club and county on the hurling side of the house. It’s become the norm. Clubs are an afterthought these days. You only have to look at the fixture clash with clubs and the county hurling side to see that. The likes of this weekend also hammers it home. I wonder is it the same for the top hurling counties?


Sure that stems from underage.


Correct. That’s where it starts unfortunately.


Vincent’s game off now after the change ?


Sorry just seen earlier post


But when will we learn that the Kilkenny’s, Tipps and Limericks of this world (ie successful) promote the county players in club activity as much as possible. ‘Stuff to work on’ is not good enough. An A vs B game is nearly a bigger kick to clubs. Get them out playing competitive league games with their clubs.


Fully agree. I remember hearing after Galway won their first Leinster that their players were back training with their clubs two days later and played league the following weekend. Reason given by Cunningham at the time was games beat training and it would also help to keep the lads grounded. That team made the all ireland final that year losing to Kilkenny so it didn’t do them too much harm.