Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2019


Thought that was last year. Gannon etc.


I’d imagine Hayes and Howard also? Five of their starting forwards


True actually forgot about Hayes


Where are the two smileys?





At least one is playing junior since last year


Will County Players be released to play for their clubs this weekend.


I’m going to say no. But they should be.


Can’t understand why they wouldn’t be realeased back to their clubs
Surley getting extra matches with clubs benefits everyone


Correct. But keeping them under wraps and never letting them play for their clubs benefits the county manager :wink:.

Hey. I could be wrong. I hope I am. And indeed this would be an ideal chance to show some solidarity with clubs and let players play now they have a free weekend.

But I won’t hold my breath


Get outta here with that logic!


Prob won’t release them but bring them in for training instead


They wont be released as IC management dont trust club managers is my view. The world and its wife knows the extra games would benefit any lads not carrying injuries.


I see Vinnie’s game is moved to Saturday


How many grass pitches will survive the weather?


Quite possible some pitches might not be in a playable state, especially if we get another deluge before weekend.


Hope teams inspect their pitches early and dont leave it until before throw in


chucking down again here


No doubt this be the case


I would suggest time of inspection is based on the number of injuries in the squad and amount of players missing for the weekend