Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2018


Brigids drew with Ciarans.


Thats has to be one of the worst match reports ever written.




Any results or match reports today?


Vins and Cuala is tomorrow at 7.30


Should be a good game Alan getting close to championship time.


We’ve a few away. Cuala too I suppose. Still, should be a good game as you say.


Cuala have been very light all year. At times nearly 8-10 2nd team playing and with only a select few subs


Is that corner forward from last years minors playing? Murphy was it? Thought he looked a prospect.


Will be interesting to see how that impacts their Intermediate Championship campaign. They seemed to have a bit of a speed wobble (with their 2nd team) for a short period. Most likely caused by lads playing for the 1st team.


liking these summaries:


Must have some strength in depth so as both second and third teams in Division 4 and 5 near top of the table!


Ah here, we’ve a division 9 team who are top of the table too.


A couple of your best move up all the way along the ranks. Sure a D2 minor team will keep the AHL9’s ahip sailing !!


As far as I know only 1, 2nd year, minor has played 1 game for this team all year.


How many adult hurling teams have you, @Mickholden2 ?


4, divisions 1,4,5&9.


Fair dues.


Vins 5-15 Cuala 0-16 or something like that. Pretty impressive from Vins. Cuala had a fair few of their stars but never recovered from conceding three goals in the first seven minutes or so. We were missing a few too.

Still, probably an element of shadow boxing about it. I won’t get too carried away yet! Nice win though.


6-19 - 20 was the final score. Good win , both missing a few, nothing to get carried away with from either team. Good game to watch though.