Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2018


There is a huge amount of clubs in this area and the catchment area for O Tooles is small. Basically aryfield and Darndale belong to o Tooles, belmayne is trinity gaels, then barrog, Parnell and Vincent’s. A lot of clubs. Monica’s, raheny ,clontarf also.


Darndale should really be Inisfails.
Donaghmede is Trinity Gaels.


Barrog are donaghmeade also, inisfails I forgot.


Belmayne and Clongriffin are open season in my opinion. They are close to lots of townlands but are new areas and no reason why O’Toole’s can’t try win over a few youngsters in those areas.


Barrog are Kilbarrack and Bayside and possibly Sutton. Barrog shouldn’t really be Donaghmede - traditionally Trinity Gaels.

I’m not so sure you will have many “traditional” families living in large parts of Clongriffin and Belmayne. Lots of apartments and townhouses with no gardens into which Irish families seem reluctant to move. I think a lot of these places will be rented out.


Don’t think us good folk of Crumlin were arsed about it an hour later, if we lost by a point or 47 we still lost, there was a 50 point hiding on the cards after Ballyboden were put to sword in the Championship when we last met so on balance one could say that they didn’t have the character, belief or resolve to take it to a 50 point win
:joy: :joy: :joy:


Trinity are all over Belmayne, brother lives there and has never had anything from O’Tooles in the door.
Nephew is with Trinity, they’re in schools etc there.


Yeah. Belmayne is trinitys area


Hopefully so.


Plenty of hurlers from the country renting apartments :wink:


Na fianna beat Craobh by about 10 tonight


Send a few (actually, send a lot) down to Monica’s, if you can,


Is O’Tooles link with the north inner city broken now? Joeys appear to have little or nothing juvenile wise so is there still an area up for grabs there . I know families linked to o’tooles from the inner city brought family out to otooles but this may be dying out now, the more time moves on. O’Tooles have such history with the north inner city and the war of independence


It appears to be… You might get the next generation out, but it’s not sustainable in the long run. It’s a terrible shame to see the GAA investing in a farm to protect the grass roots in Croke Pk and the Dublin County Board couldn’t invest / intervene in the north inner city kids who were the grass roots many years ago. However, I believe Sc Ui Chonaill are planning to tap into the area and start a nursery in O’Connells. Not sure if they plan to run it in the yard or just advertise in the school. It’ll be difficult to convince kids to travel out to Clontarf Road.


They have and have just finished a Summer Camp in Larkin College for all the local primary schools in North Inner City Dublin. I think there was 5/6 schools that had kids at it also the same project was run over in Ballyfermot last week too to get kids involved in Gaelic Games


That’s good to hear. The north inner city has been neglected for too long. Are they linked into a club? I saw the Ballyfermot camp but wasn’t sure if Liffey Gaels or Ballyfermot GAA were involved. It’s important that the kids are given the opportunity to play beyond a one off camp.


That summer camp was run by Dublin City Council not Dublin Gaa. Dublin Gaa have totally neglected the area and pretty much refused to bring coaches into the schools as they wont get an imediate return of players in clubs.
Scoil are starting to venture into the area, and hopefully they are given major backing from the county board. This area has been neglected for years.


Crumlin beat St.Brigids last night. Great to see after the weekends result vs Boden. This time of year can be very strange for clubs.


Just checked there and it’s a joint partnership with Dublin City Council, Sports Council and county board as coaches paid by DCB coaching fund and lunches supplied by DCB sponsors.
But you’re right about the DCB having nothing to do with it for years. That area falls outside of clubs area as such but I do know Na Fianna and Scoil both have had people over the years in schools there but wasn’t consistent


What about o connell boys would they not be in that area?