Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2018


What’s happening in O’Tooles? Bottom of AHL1 and AFL2…


True, but they need to pick up some points soon to avoid a relegation battle!!!


5 games left for them but yes you are right. Were you at Crumlin game?


Nope. Score on!!


Lack of numbers coming through I’d imagine. They joined together with Parnells and Scoil to field a minor team this year


Is that Thomas Clarke Gaels?


No. 1 or 2 no more than that. Crumlin easily should have added 2-6 to their score in the second half alone, I got there when the score was 0-08/0-03 I seen no BBSE score that wasn’t earned, they were just that deadly.


Sounds like good Fortune for Boden!!


It is


Seems Joe Fortune is using league, and proper order, as champo preparation .


Lucan beat Kilmacud - 3-20 to 1-22.
Lucan were 8 down at half-time but totally dominated the second half to win by 4


Some scoring.


Couldn’t believe when I saw that scoreline last night. It’s only League but I find it hard to remember for the life of me a similar scoreline at this level. Fortune has certainly tightened up that ship in Boden. Fair play to him but still think Cuala,Crokes and Lucan aare ahead of them and possibly Na Fianna.


And there were talks about talks to join with Parnells in adult hurling but nothing came off it


With the amount of development that has gone into the area surrounding O Tooles since 2000 they should not be struggling to field teams in my opinion. And they would not be in a situation to join up with yourselves. Must be two of the oldest clubs in Dublin


Seems crazy that two of the oldest clubs would have to merge. The money that Parnells recd from the land sale doesn’t seem to have been invested in underage? They have lovely facilities, but no use if the kids aren’t coming through… Moving out of the north inner city probably seemed like a good idea for O’Tooles all those years ago… Maybe it’s time to go back, or at least tap into the area in some way. Shame to see north inner city kids not getting the same opportunity as other kids to play GAA.


Like lots of areas soccer is massive in Coolock and the competition for players is huge the world cup even without Ireland will increase the impact soccer has.
Dublin winning 3 in a row and the captain from our club should have had more of an impact for us at underage, I don’t go to the nursery but have heard Stephen has been down a few times but the numbers are still not what we would hope for and are even worse for hurling. I think one of the problems we had was getting lads involved with underage coaching but I know of 4 lads from the senior team helping out with underage teams so hopefully it improves




Perhaps Crumlin can take some comfort from this result!!!