Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2018



Crumlin 3-15 na fianna 1-20. Goal last puck for Crumlin to win it


Great result for crumlin


Jimmy Boggan is looking down on them with a smile!





That’s a great result for Crumlin. Can they still progress in championship? @SuperHurler Always a hard team to beat. Na Fianna could be missing a lot possibly with J1s etc being such a young team but have had a very good year so far.


Roundup on d’official site

  • it says may 16th but they mean june


I see there was a walkover in the Lucan and Cuala game? Anyone know why?


I heard that Cuala wanted to move the game as they hadn’t sufficient numbers, but were not facilitated for whatever reason.


People holidaying early this year - seems crazy that a club like Cuala can’t field.


Upcoming fixtures:


It’s definitely possible, but to advance, Crumlin need Lucan to beat Setanta, also to bridge the 22 point gap from Setanta and beat BSJ by at least 8 in doing so! All in all a tall order. Regarding the Na Fianna game, it was one I fully expected Na Fianna to win being honest but it was an open match and Crumlin fully deserved winners


Vine beat Brigids by five or six.


Boden at home beat Crumlin in a 63 point thriller, highly controversial though as there was doubt over who in fact won the game ref confirmed that the home side actually won.


Sounds like a thriller.


Everything going well until the ref tossed the coin!!!

10:25 to 0:8


Jesus! That’s serious shooting. Crumlin must have been missing a lot. They had beaten Na Fianna in last round? Time of year for players to be away.


Cuala being beaten by double scores too!!!

Cuala 0:15 St. Judes 3:21


They are showing nothing in the league this year at all. How could they as it’s been a busy busy two years for them. Come September businesswill resume you’d imagine.