Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2018


Boden will be going all out for this game, to do the double in Dublin is what every Dublin club wants and they will want there name back on that list.


I would be reading next to nothing into this game at this stage…

NaFianna been sitting on der arses for weeks & Boden will be in no right mind!!


So you go through a whole League winning 10 of 11 games but then couldn’t give a shit about the final? Seriously?!


Can’t see Boden not taking this game seriously. Surely once your in a final and a chance at a double you go all out for it. Weather they perform or not given their recent tough schedule is another thing


No - obviously both teams will want to win, but
My point being, if someone wins or looses by 5,10,15 points, I wouldn’t read into it in terms of that not being a closer or better contested game had it been played weeks ago.
Or a case that one team is so many more points better or if NaFianna win that they’ve finally turned a corner…

The significance of this game has been completely undermined beeen played by two teams who, 1 have been sitting on der arses for weeks and 2, just got thumped in a Leinster finap.
Add in, that its in O’Toole Park, a pigs bed at the best or times, never mind second week of December after a week of heavy rain…

The outcome of this game will give next to no clue on “how the teams are going”

End the year on a high is the only outcome.


Nothing there I would necessarily disagree with but you said that Boden would have no interest in this game in an earlier post. Which I would disagree with … and you would seem to now too …


Perhaps my context wasn’t right.

At this stage, i KNOW there is little interest.
Not in a final, but playing now.


Let’s be honest lads. The league means Feic all to anyone, especially the CCC. It is a good place to develop players and build a team but when you look back over some of the results you have to laugh. Crumlin beat NaF who in turn beat Boden who hammered Crumlin???
But it a Final and surely that might mean something on a cold wet miserable early morning on a semi water logged pitch.
P.s…is it ticket only or can you pay at the gate?


I would’nt be too worried about a crowd at it at 10.30am …


Think you missed a bit of sarcasm there …

Premier League 2018/2019

Any score update?


FT - Ballyboden 1-14 Na Fianna 1-10


I knew Boden wouldn’t be arsed about it


Na Fianna did nothing in the first half and suddenly became interested 10 minutes into the second half and got to within 3 points and then got a player sent off and that was that. Pitch was in very poor condition.


Fair play to Boden after last week. Didn’t see them winning that.


N.a. fianna are somthing else. Imagine what your frame of mind would be after losing a Leinster final. N.a. fianna should have been winning this. They need to win somthing at top level senior to make the break through.


Did it ever occur to you that it may have motivated them to not lose two finals a week apart? Some of the comment here on Boden and their state of mind has been ridiculous. Armchair psychologists now too …


Did Basquel play?


There were two likely outcomes, it Wouk appear to have been the later. Good for them. Not so good for naFianna but they have time on their side.


Of course they’re motivated to win and not loose two in a row. But i can tell you now, that game would have been preferred to have been played a fair while ago…
The win won’t outdo last weeks disappointment.
And im no armchair psychologist, i am however, making INFORMED comments