Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2018


SHC going to be very interesting when it resumes. Cuala are going to have their work cut out.


Was Na Fianna Faughs played? Any update on Judes and Crumlin?


Played last Friday - NF won 1-24 to 0-14


Any merit in the rumors that Mattie Kenny close to Waterford job?


Played tonight, Crokes won 0-27 to 1-11.


I see the Indo are carrying this story today but hard to know if there’s anything to it, they probably just picked it up from Hogan Stand or some other bullshit online media outlet. Hope there’s nothing in it but he’s sure to be on the radar of any county looking for a manager.


Depends if they come out of Dublin again or not. If they dont, you can effectively guarantee he’ll move on.
If they do, im sure he’ll stay with them for as long as they’re in Leinster or All Ire


Is he with Cuala again this year?




Bottom of the table…

Brigid’s 9pts
Lucan 8pts
Cuala 4pts
Faughs 4pts All out
O’Tooles 2pts

Cuala to play Brigid’s, Lucan & O’Tooles,
Brigid’s and Lucan to play.

O’Tooles can stay up and Brigid’s could be relegated, surely there’s a glitch in The Matrix somewhere, a disgraceful league setup


I think if Otooles go down they could go in to serious free fall with their age profile currently


O Tooles are coming to the end of a cycle which unfortunately happens when youth is not brought or developed through.
A pity for a club with great tradition. Craobh not too far behind either.


Hows that a possibility?


We heard this 5 years ago about O Tooles and Croabh. O Tooles would be in a worse position IMO but with a full team available would win div 2 with a bit to spare still. In 3 years time they may start to decline down the levels but once they do they will be away from the top table for some time I think.

Craobh are not in as bad shape, they are actually getting one or two good players up through from underage despite not having a solid underage structure of their own. They’ll be around for a bit yet.


Craobhs team in championship this year was surprisingly young. Theyd 2 lads on dublin u17s last year too. At underage to although they arent shooting the lights out they are doin okay with teams in most ages groups and critically for them they will loose very little.


O Tooles would be top 5 in AHL 2 depending on who is available to them but cannot see them winning it without some players coming through or them getting some imports. Two of the top 4 in AHL 2 will be there again next season and I would have them ahead of O Tooles, along with whatever other team comes down from AHL 1. Some of the current AHL 2 teams also have some good youth coming through which will help close the gap. There second team seem to be struggling in AHL 6 too which is not a good sign either. Be interesting to see the split of players that belong to what clubs in the Thomas Clarke Gaels amalgamation. O Tooles could do with some fresh legs. Them older lads can’t go on forever.

Croabh are great for keeping hold of their talented younger lads after minor. Their amalgamation with Setanta this year will be great benefit to both clubs


Have O’Tooles shown any signs of recovering underage? Even well down the age groups?




That’s a pity


A bit messy to digest, but O’Tooles’ only win was against Faughs, if they beat Cuala they will playoff against Cuala or Lucan to stay up… If Lucan beat Brigids and Cuala win their final 3 games then Brigids and Faughs would playoff… if Cuala lose all 3 matches then despite O’Tooles beating both teams and Faughs losing to both I think it’s score difference that will decide the placement.

Just putting it out there it’s League winner then 2nd and 3rd that playoff for promotion from AHL2 and under!