Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2018


Great scoring from Vins. They will certainly challenge this year.


6-19 … bloody hell …


Anyone know how Cuala v Kilmacud went tonight?


Any one of the 50/60 spectators could tell you that neither side showed up…match was up on as being on.
Makes you wonder what kind of a Sh-amateur organisation is in charge.
Answers on a pinhead please.


Why? Was it deferred again?


On next Wednesday, as far as I know. County Board didn’t update the fixture on website.


Can’t play it next Wednesday if they are to comply with the 7 day rule?..assume this applies to all clubs?
Any advice from our very own Boarddelegate?


Next Wednesday is 22nd, 7 days after the original fixture, or does it have to be under 7 days?


It depends on whether Day 1 is the date of the original fixture or the day after.
Now, every decade, however, begins with a year ending in 1.


Did Jude’s give Crumlin a walkover?


It’s on the county board website as a walk over alright.


That’s amazing seems they couldn’t put up that Kilmacud Cuala was off…or was it?


As far as I know it was postponed at the request of Jude’s for a very genuine reason that’s not for me to detail here. I’d be surprised if the walkover stands.


I understand it was a postponement rather than a walkover to a very tragic death in Judes.
The DCB may have over ruled and granted the points to Crumlin due to it not being played in 7 days. Hopefully not due to the circumstances.


Judes 2nd team game was postponed for the same reason yet is being played this evening…


Boden 9-19 Faughs 3-11


A few cricket scorelines put up by Boden in the league


Double scores !..28 V 14


9.19!!! That’s a fcuking weekend alarm clock setting!


It won’t mean much vs Cuala in a few weeks I’d imagine. They have had a good league as have Na Fianna and Vins. Two and a half weeks to the resumption of club championship.