Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2017


Ye must be missing a lot with players away?


Don’t know how we lined out to-night, I’m stuck I’m work, but there are still a few lads away.


Did anyone ever find out why this game was cancelled in the first place?



Nice to see Cronin, Paul ryan etc doing well in games.


some big names playing league - keeping the eye in hopefully.


Crokes beaten by craobh last night by 3 points.


Is Baker still in charge of Crokes?


Yes he is. Same as most clubs a lot of players away this time of year.


But we want championship in the summer months apparently …,



Both teams missing a few players but had very strong sides out, was a good game off hurling some excellent scores from both teams.


Very true, looked like craobh were missing a lot more players then crokes. Dermo was there watching aswell pity he isint with the Dublin hurlers we could do with him.


Him and ten more like him !


It is encouraging that he is showing a keen interest in the hurling this year though, both playing and attending games. Get a good manager in and have a word with the lad and who knows.


More chance of seeing the Cabal being disbanded I’m afraid


Crokes seem to be struggling number wise with giving a walkover in both ahl 1&2 this year or maybe they are just both young squads as I know the ahl 2 side is and probably have a lot of lads away for the Summer.


It’s tough for small clubs.


Tight knit panel, all go away together…


Brigids beat Na Fianna. Good win for them in a tightly contested top table. Was just looking at Na Fianna’s scoring though this year, not that far off 300 points in Division 1 in some going.


O’Tooles beat Naomh Fionnbarra last night too which means they are relegated.

Big game Saturday between Parnells and Crumlin. Crumlin win they stay up and relegate Parnells in the process.