Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2017


Yes, refixed back match from March when Cuala were in AI Final.


O’tooles 2-19 Cuala 1-11 tonight.
Na Fianna 1-19 Chiarains 2-15 from their "rescheduled " game last night.


Good scoring from the traditional powerhouses


Former Dublin All-Star missed a very late, and ‘gettable’, free to level it for Craobh at the death.


How’s he playing these days? Smiley still lining out? Always thought he was a good player.


Crabber still seeing passes a bit in advance of others on the field the few times I’ve sen them this season. To be fair to him on placed balls…he goaled against Finbarrs from a 21 week before last…it was against a stiff breeze in the first half and everyone in Clonshaugh knew he’d go for it rather than a tap over…still couldn’t stop it though! Derek still manning the gap at centre-back…fine player alright. Conor Ryan, Dublin Minor last year also very impressive for them this season.


Where’s Ryan play?


Named at corner forward in championship but roves… best work done out around middle/chf in games I’ve seen him in; some nice point scoring from that range also,


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Thanks - can’t beat old bus livery for nostalgia! Getting more likes than my posts in anyways!


I said that first.
Get your own lines. :sunglasses:


Anyone hear a result from Vincents Ciarans last night ?


Moved to Monday


do you know the time and venue off hand?


Vins Ciaran’s drew. Vins better team first half wasted a lot of opportunities and continued to do so second half. Ciaran’s came back into it and finished the stronger I thought. Having said that Vincent’s had a well taken point disallowed as both umpires waved it wide but it was a clear point from the line I was on.


The Vincent’s line? :smirk:


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Did ballyboden and parnells play the weekend ?


The Ciaran’s one, as a neutral.


We did Parnells started well but finished losing by 6 I think