Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2017


AHL1: @Bodengaa 4-18 @StBrigidsGAA 3-18; @KCrokesGAAClub 5-17 @CrumlinGAA 1-15; @NaomhFionnbarra 1-10 @clgnaomhjude 1-14.

Very strange for Cuala not to show, surely a miscommunication along the line somewhere


You’d imagine so but Craobh will be delighted with the handy 2 points I’m sure.


I am not too sure at this stage. I saw some of their 2nd championship match and even Joey Boland and Martin Quilty were not playing. They seemed to be on team sheet but maybe they were injured.


Cuala possibly spreading themselves too thin with IHC fixed for the same night?


That’s unbelievable. AI club champions conceding a Division 1 league game? Got to be a proper explanation for that.


Contacted Craobh to re-fix, craobh couldn’t due to football and JHC. So looks like they just didn’t turn up, CC and ref apparently on pitch waiting for Cuala


Poor show if true.


Split Cuala in two.


Remember Crokes doing same in Senior B promotion playoffs last year due to lower league and football fixtures clash. Simply crazy at this level, into J1 Season though.
Craobh did it to Boden last year aswell.


Crokes beat Crumlin last night with 7 Junior B’s starting due to lads away etc.
5.17 to 1.16


Seems a little different as it’s down as not played on Hill 16 rather than Walkover? And looks to be re fixed for August, maybe some miscommunication along the line


Very strange if the ref and CC were there ready to go Sounds like Cuala pulling a fast one


Crumlin moving well…


It’s crazy to have so many games fixed for the same day and time at this time of the year. Last night there was AHL 1 games plus Championship at many of the lower grades. Why do CCC not fix the AHL 1 games for the Monday and spread the other games. Between holidays, exams and J1s etc too many clubs just can’t field teams.


Clubs would have been playing football Saturday and Sunday so they can’t really be putting games on the Monday.


Honestly getting to the point where the General calendar needs to be reviewed .
The traditional GAA calendar doesn’t fit modern day culture


Total agree summer months are a right off with clubs nowadays so many lads heading away on j1 and holidays in general


I’d say playing as many of lower Champo games to avoid build up due to lads out with Inter County football…


Wow that’s unreal. We’re they na fianna men as in they came through the club from youth or blow ins?


Down as a walkover now…Cuala conceded on Dublin Gaa site.