Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2017


Vincent’s beat Na Fianna by 11 or 12 this evening. Decent quality game. Na Fianna had Murphy sent off 5 mins before half time for a 2nd yellow.


Delighted to hear it.

Was really looking forward to going to that game tomorrow evening, when it was originally scheduled!


Bout time Vincents won a game


It was originally fixed for tonight but moved to last night by agreement of both clubs.

I spotted it on Hill 16 a few days ago


Na fianna struggling with lads away for summer? That’s a big beating though this league is not taken serious.


You must have been 1 of the very few that didn’t know
Decent crowd at it


Jaysus Alan you should ring the DCB and GAA HQ to ensure that all the fixtures revolve around your world … I’m sure they’d accommodate you if you just ask …


Not blaming the DCB. It’s a club issue. We have very active Facebook and Twitter accounts. Unfortunately they rarely update on fixture changes any more. I don’t know when it was changed but the last set of fixtures I saw had it on tonight. That’s why social media can be helpful.


Kick some ass Alan - kick some ass! :grin:


A polite request has already been made :wink::wink::wink:


Only seen it changed on hill16
Heard that na fianna looked to switch it because there senior hurling management walked
And the intermediate management took it last night because they have an intermediate match tonight
Can anyone close to na fianna confirm that??


Na fianna mgt are gone, walked or pushed I don’t know.


Jeez. They’re like Dublin. Thriving at underage then it all falls apart at senior.


Heard they are lining up GC to take over after the qualifier defeat :smirk:


It was noticeable last night that vincents were as big if not bigger then there na fianna counterparts!!
Surprised to see that as the underage teams na fianna have had for the last few years have been filled with tall players
Vincents out muscled them in most positions


Who was the manager this year?

I know David Kennedy was last year but don’t know if he stayed on for 2017.


From what I have seen .the policy over the last few years is to start all lads straight from Dublin minors into starting team which makes na fianna a very young and inexperienced team. Crokes only start a few eg Whitely straight from minor. The rest learn the ropes through the lower teams and work up to senior. Time will tell which is the best approach!


Just like Dublin


Do na fianna have any experienced players though ? Must be some serious raw material there


Craobh v Cuala. Cuala didn’t show up, Craobh & ref were on the pitch waiting.