Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2017


I think all county players were with their clubs this weekend!


Yes but the 2 Schuttes didn’t tog out for Dublin last Sunday because one was taking a break & the other was injured…yet 6 days later both play for their club!


Exactly, but Bart will be on in a minute telling us that it’s all the U14 development squad mentors’ fault.


Whose Bart


Your Bart. Or should that be You’re Bart?


Them two would be mega blows. Mark was our last nominated All-Star.


Club comes first. Where did I read that before?


On an ad for the company who sponsors the Club Championship…


No where on this site??


I don’t really care where you read it to be honest. If you don’t think Cunningham has fallen out with or mis-managed an alarming amount of players & selectors at this stage you’re delusional!
Have some of the changes he’s made been necessary…absolutely, but the dogs on the street know he’s a crap man manager & has treated a lot of good people/players appallingly.
I know it sounds terrible but at this stage I nearly hope we lose to Galway, then our qualifier…Cunningham gone & start with a clean slate next year.


Dublin have no chance against Galway even with a full complement of players.

So your wish will absolutely be granted with half a team available.

Galway are on another planet in terms of talent, skill and everything else


Brigids demolished Vincents 3-17 to 1-11 I heard it was.

Shocking result for the Vins.

Two straight reds didn’t help


nobody would have seen that coming


Reds might explain it though! Bad result alright.


Game was well over by the time Vinnies got the 2 reds.


Straight reds? Will they impact championship?


Different competition, so will have no impact. (unless a very serious sending off infraction)


Is it not a 4 week ban in all hurling competitions? And if no games fall within the 4 weeks then it’s the next game in that competition?

hear different variations every year around this time so may well be completely off the mark here:joy:


generally next game in the same competition, even if it falls in a different year. Time based suspensions ceased a number of years ago.

For example:
Category III
(i) Minimum - A One Match Suspension in the same Code and at the same Level, applicable to the next Game in the same Competition, even if that game occurs in the following years competition.
(ii) Minimum on Repeat Infraction - A Two Match Suspension in the same Code and at the same Level, applicable to the next games in the Competition in which the Repeat Infraction occurred, even if one or both game(s) occur(s) in the following year’s competition.


thanks for clarifying